10 Best Cities For Jobs

The United States may currently have a high unemployment rate, but there are still 10 best cities for jobs that have survived the harsh tests of economic woes. Despite high unemployment rates, these cities are not only surviving, but thriving by finally putting people back to work.

  1. Huntsville, Alabama Huntsville, Alabama is one of the best cities for jobs because the medical industry, the life science industry and the military industry fills more than 90,000 jobs annually; Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) alone plans to employ more than 5,000 personnel within the next year. Huntsville is also nicknamed the Rocket City because of its impressive contributions in the space exploration.
  2. Washington, District of Columbia The nation’s capital employs a large percentage of District of Columbia residents in the government sector. High tech industries are increasing as well, making Washington, District of Columbia top the list for the best cities for jobs. These industries are expected to boom within the next few decades, creating a need for fresh college graduates to get to work.
  3. Madison, Wisconsin Politics, education and bio tech firms are the greatest asset to Wisconsin’s growing population. According to "Kiplinger," Madison, Wisconsin is one of the best places to find jobs in the bio tech industry. In the near future, Madison will be linked via high-speed rail to Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis by 2012, making it one of the few states in America to advance in the bio tech industry.
  4. Austin, Texas Austin has not only survived in harsh economic tides, but has thrived. Some of the most prominent fields are education, government and health care. The state government has been responsible for employing one-fifth of the city's workforce with the University of Texas at Austin employing more than 4,000 people each year.
  5. Flagstaff, Arizona The income growth in Flagstaff has jumped to 9.8 percent and in the city. In addition to the government sector, which plans to employ a new wave of workers within the next few years, the tourism industry is steadily climbing the ranks thanks to its scenic landscapes and popular attractions.
  6. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma This city ranks as one of the top places to find work because of its construction industry and top level vacancies. All levels in the construction industry–including architects to land survey specialists and clerical assistants are vastly needed to continue the urban development projects in Oklahoma.
  7. Charlotte, Virginia Charlotte is the academic village and mecca for the education industry, hiring nearly 18,000 people annually in schools. Biotechnology is a thriving field and contributes to help create vibrant spinoffs in the private company sector. According to GovernmentJobs.gov, vacancies in the military are abound in areas like the medical services and law enforcement.
  8. Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque, New Mexico is the city that creates high tech employment, stimulates the renewable energy field and has recently become known as the place to be if looking for work in the film industry. Albuquerque is one of the ten best cities for jobs because it is rated the number one place to live and work in the film industry. The “Green” City, known for its energy-efficient buildings, will do remarkably well within the next few years.
  9. Olympia, Washington Olympia is another place to find jobs. Where other cities struggle to maintain ticket sales and keep shopping centers open, Olympia's annual revenue in entertainment and art-related industries rise. Education is another big deal–the liberal arts, performing arts and visual arts attract thousands of students and educators to its prestigious private institutions.
  10. Athens, Georgia Athens, Georgia is one of the ten best cities to find jobs because the education and medical fields are booming there. The University of Georgia is the city’s largest employer and responsible for employing and educating a large percentage of the city's population. Hospitality and tourism are up and coming big boomers.


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