10 Best Cities To Live In Canada

To assist you with choosing where in Canada's many beautiful and prosperous locations to live, here are the 10 best cities to live in Canada. You may be quite surprised to not see the more widely recognized Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver on this list, but factors such as unemployment rates and crime apparently effected their exclusion from the top ten. Using these, and many other attributes such as provincial income tax, weather, amount of available doctors, and average price of a home, these cities are the best in Canada to live in.

  1. Ottawa-Gatineau, Ont. Thanks to a low crime rate and a blossoming economy, Ottawa, the capital of Canada sits on top as the best city in Canada to live. Duncan Hood, the editor of MoneySense magazine called Ottawa "the most recession-resistant city in Canada" thanks to the huge amount of working citizens that didn't lose their job or suffer a pay-cut during the recent economic meltdown.
  2. Kingston, Ont. With an average household income of  $76,956 and a fairly low unemployment rate of 5.40%, Kingston, Ontario makes for financially sound city to live in Canada. Seated halfway between Canada's two largest cities, Toronto and Montreal, Kingston has a comparably smaller population, with only 152,358 citizens in 2006.
  3. Burlington, Ont. Prosperity is abundant in the Canadian city of Burlington, Ontario. Two clear examples of this fact are that the average house price is at a whopping $348,894 and the average household income is at a very prestigious amount: $108,310.
  4. Fredericton, N.B. When it comes to purchasing an affordable home, Fredericton, New Brunswick has the lowest average household price on this entire list: $125,987. It also has the 3rd smallest population on this list: 85,688 as of 2006.
  5. Moncton, N.B. Moncton has the largest metropolitan area in New Brunswick, and according to Readers Digest in 2008, it is also Canada's most polite city. Some other impressive benefits to living in Moncton include: one of the lowest costs of living and some of the shortest work commutes in Canada, as well as the largest indoor and outdoor entertainment centers in the eastern side of Canada.
  6. Repentigny, Que. The second lowest population among these 10 best cities to live in Canada is Repentigny, Quebec with only 76,237 residents as of 2006, The average price of a home in this cozy Canadian community is $201,217.
  7. Brandon, Man. If she would like to live in a very small community, then you may choose to live in Brandon, Manitoba. As of 2006, the Canadian city of Brandon has been home to only 48,256 people – the least amount on this list.
  8. Victoria, B.C. Victoria on the other hand, has quite a sizeable population, which was 330,088 in 2006 and have been rising at an average rate of 4.45% between then and 2010. You may want to brace yourself for the real estate prices though, the average home in this British Columbia Canadian city is $522,211- yes…over half a million.
  9. Winnipeg, Man. At over 700,000 residents, Winnipeg, the capital city of Manitoba, is the second most populated Canadian city on this list after Ottawa. Winnipeg has economic diversity with prominent industries that include: aerospace, finance, biotechnology, electric power, apparel, and media, and also cultural diversity with approximately 100 different languages represented.
  10. Levis, Que. When only four out of every one hundred residents is unemployed, you have the makings for a great Canadian city. Aside from this wonderful fact, Levis, Quebec's average household income of $75,785 also includes just over one out of every five of residents owning a new car.
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