10 Best Cities To Live In USA

Whether you prefer a large city or a quaint town, you will enjoy the 10 best cities to live in in the USA. The best cities to USA live in have excellent employment opportunities, a thriving community, a high quality of life and great real estate markets. These cities lack a flock of tourists, high crime rate and high commute drives. Before you pack your bags, sit down with this list of the best USA cities to live in.

  1. Austin, Texas–  Austin is famous for its Southern hospitality, cosmopolitan flair, old west charm and modern sophistication. Austin may seem like a busy city to some people but it is a friendly city.
  2. Burlington, Vermont- Burlington is one of the best cities to live in USA. The state of Vermont is just beautiful and is located in New England. Many people are attracted to Burlington because of its country charm, cultural activities and happening nightlife. Many people enjoy Burlington because of the four seasons that Vermont provides.
  3. Denver, Colorado- Denver is popular for its professional football team, The Denver Broncos. Other things that attract people to Denver is the largest city park system in the country and the arts community.  Denver is known for its beautiful scenery provided by the Rocky Mountains.
  4. Fargo, North Dakota- Fargo is one of the ten best USA cities to live in. Fargo is the largest city of North Dakota. Fargo has a low crime rate and friendly communities. Fargo is known for its cultural communities, retail industry as well as excellent education and healthcare.
  5. Lexington, Kentucky- Lexington is Kentucky’s second largest city. Kentucky is known for its race horses, The Kentucky Wildcats and the University of Kentucky. Lexington’s major employers are: Toyota manufacturing Company, The University of Kentucky and Lexmark International.
  6. Anchorage, Alaska- Anchorage has a population of around 300,000. Alaska has one highway going in and out of the state. Anchorage is known for its booming industries such as transportation, communication, health care, finance and trade.
  7. Columbus, Ohio- Columbus is one of the best USA cities to live in. Columbus has many attractions such as the Columbus Zoo, the Columbus Aquarium and the Franklin Park Conservatory. Columbus is rich in education with being home to the Ohio State University. It is also rich in arts with the Columbus Museum of Arts, the Wexner center for the Arts and the Contemporary American Theatre Company.
  8. Baltimore, Maryland- Baltimore has so much to offer such as charming neighborhoods, world famous art collections, amazing healthcare and a top notch university. Baltimore is a waterfront city with over 225 neighborhoods so there is a place for everyone. In 2009, the average home sale price was $159,000.
  9. Portland, Maine- Portland lies on Maine’s waterfront. Portland has a population of about 64,000 people. Portland has been recognized nationally as one of the ten safest cities and one of the top cities for doing business.
  10. Scottsdale, Arizona- Scottsdale is one of the best USA cities to live in. Scottsdale has it all: urban and suburban settings, young and old people and singles and professionals. Downtown Scottsdale boasts small shops, upscale boutiques and over 100 art galleries. The major employers are Dial, Sky Song and General Dynamics.
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