10 Best Cities To Live In The World

If life is telling you to pick up and leave the country, check out our list of the 10 best cities to live in the world. The world cities on this list were picked for a variety of reasons, such as culture, jobs, and cost of living.

  1. Sydney, Australia The largest city in Australia, Sydney boasts the world famous Sydney Opera House. With world class entertainment, arts and shopping, Sydney offers a wide variety of entertainment, as well as easy access to wallabies, making one of the best world cities to live in.
  2. Paris, France The French capitol is the center of fine cooking. With easy and ample access to some of the best museums in the world, Paris offers a higher rate of pay than the rest of the country.
  3. Glasgow, Scotland Situated in the Scottish lowlands, Glasgow offers many bonuses to residents. The third largest city in the United Kingdom, Glasgow also offers easy access to world class universities.
  4. Vancouver, Canada Commonly listed  among the best world cities to live in, Vancouver is located in British Columbia, in southwestern Canada. With bustling art and nightlife communities, Vancouver offers plenty, especially with its relatively low cost of living.
  5. Vienna, Austria Since the Austrian government has stabilized in the last decade, Vienna has come to the forefront of the best cities to live in the world. With world class culture and a low cost of living, new residents are flocking there.
  6. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States One of the smaller "big cities" in the United States, Pittsburgh packs plenty to do in it's small area. With a low cost of living, plenty of jobs and a central location to most of the East Coast, Pittsburgh offers a chance to try out the best cities in the world to live without going far from home.
  7. Milan, Italy Located close to many of Europe's hottest destinations, Milan is well known as one of the world's fashion capitals. The city hosts the home of some of Itay's biggest businesses, making it a prime spot for job seekers.
  8. Dublin, Ireland One of the fastest growing world cities, Dublin hosts a booming technological center, as well as being near the center of Irish history and culture.
  9. Tokyo, Japan With its ultra stable economy and growing business, Tokyo exhibits a friendly attitude toward non-natives. As part of the most populous metropolitan area in the world, Tokyo offers a little something for everyone.
  10. Berlin, Germany The capitol and largest city in Germany, Berlin is a cultural mecca. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, many young artists and entrepreneurs have flocked there, making it one of the best world cities to live. 
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