10 Best Cities for Partying in America

Hang out in one of the 10 Best Cities for Partying in America! Check out why each city is unique in its own way and why hundreds of thousands of people travel to each one to party their problems away. Want to get away for the weekend and put every worry behind you? Find out which city is best for you and your entourage to wreck havoc in for your next trip!

  1. Miami.  There is no doubt about it. Miami tops the list off of best cities for partying in America. Made for partying, Miami is a city where the party never stops. You can't really beat Miami's tropical weather. The model population is high and it's practically the law for women to expose their butts on the beach, why would you want to party anywhere else in America?
  2. Los Angeles. Not only is L.A. hot all year around but it is also the home of many celebrities. Canoodle with celebs at velvet-roped Hollywood clubs or do keg stands with the college coeds on the Westside, L.A. is perfect for partying because everyone and anyone – weird, dorky, awesome, or lame – can find their own perfect place to party. A city full of sun, beaches, lights and fun all day, the partying starts at sunrise and ends at 2am.
  3. New York. New York, New York. How could the city that never sleeps not land on the list of best places to party in the country. Like Los Angeles, New York City has the diversity that can satisfy partyers of every partying demographic. One of the world's cultural centers, the New York scene is as cultured and gorgeous as it gets. Last call is 4am here, so be prepared for all nighters!
  4. Las Vegas. Sin City is where the country's worst secrets live and die. It's basically a city with no partying rules. What other city can beat drinking on the streets, gambling, epic nightclubs in every casino, the ability to smoke anytime and anywhere, oh and the stripclubs with the most beautiful strippers in the country? Sin City is where its at.
  5. Atlanta.  Atlanta's got a secret. It's awesome at partying. Atlanta is where Freeknik was born. 'Nuff said.
  6. Tampa. Tampa is in the center of wonderful beaches and bars. Water is just a walk away and every hour seems to be happy hour here!  Tampa's warm climate makes it that much easier and the fact that a very close Yubor city is just as fun helps the case for Tampa coming in at number six.
  7. Chicago. Chicago is home of professional teams, players and the atmosphere for partying. Whether you are hitting up a Chicago Cubs game or partying down on Division. Chicago has one thing in mind, Party. As the center of many music scenes, Chicago offers a unique kind of nightlife – house heads and jazz lovers can find their nightlife home here in Chicago. Chicago means business if you can't handle it then make like the windy and fly home!
  8. New Orleans. Let us let you in on what is right about the Big Easy. Fun is to be had any time you visit the many watering holes this historic city has to offer you. Two words for the traveler of New Orleans; Bourbon Street.
  9. Austin.  Everything is definitely bigger in Texas, this includes the partying. With festivals like South by Southwest and Austin City Limits, Austin is popping up on the partying radar. Hipsters in the south are flocking to Austin as their the South's hipster central – time to get there and party now before everyone else does. This way you can say you partied there before it was mainstream and popular, in true hipster fashion.
  10. Boston. The perfect city for sports fans to party in – as long as your a fan of Boston sports teams. Home to the Celtics, Red Sox, and the Patriots, Bostonians love them some sports. Get ready to get clad in your favorite jersey and head to the nearest pub for a pint, or two, or 200.  


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