10 Best Cities To Raise A Family

The 10 best cities to raise a family are places to live where you will not only feel safe but these cities are family friendly as well. These cities have a good education system, affordable housing and a strong community. Most of these cities are not tourist traps. But that is what makes them the best cities to raise a family. Families are looking for places that have advantages such as a younger population and short commute times.  Some of the best family videos were shot in these cities – which goes to further the fact that these are family friendly cities.

  1. Madison, Wisconsin- Madison is one of the best cities to raise a family. Madison lies between two major lakes that houses biking and walking trails as well as dozens of parks. This is perfect for outdoor family fun. Madison has a low unemployment rate and short commuting times.
  2. Ann Arbor, Michigan- Ann Arbor is a small city with a population of 114,000. It is home to the University of Michigan. Ann Arbor is proud to have a 94% high school graduation rate. Parents love the Ann Arbor Hands-on Museum with over 200 interactive exhibits.
  3. Lincoln, Nebraska- As one of the best cities to raise a family, Lincoln has a population of 251,624. Lincoln has 19 NAEYC-accredited preschools. The median home sale price is $139,000. There are more than 5,900 parks, playgrounds and pools in the city.
  4. Colorado Springs, Colorado- Colorado Springs is home to more than 50 attractions such as U.S. Olympic Training Center, Royal Gorge Bridge and Flying W Ranch. Did you know that the song “America the Beautiful” by Katherine Lee Bates was written on the peak of Pikes Peak overlooking Colorado Springs? Colorado Springs has six Blue Ribbon Schools and thirteen NAEYC-accredited preschools. The city has a top notch hospital and low unemployment rate.
  5. Honolulu, Hawaii- Honolulu is one of the best cities to raise a family because Men’s Fitness magazine named Honolulu as the fittest city in the U.S in 2004. Honolulu is home to The Bishop Museum which houses the world’s largest collection of Hawaiian and Pacific culture artifacts. There are many jobs in Honolulu in areas such as tourism, military and manufacturing.
  6. Fort Wayne, Indiana- Fort Wayne has a population of 251,591. Homes are affordable with a median price of $89,500. Grade schools have a student-teacher ratio if 16:7. Popular Fort Wayne blogs include Around Fort Wayne, The Natural Mommy and Fort Wayne Observed.
  7. Newark, North Dakota- Newark is known for being the home of cranberries. The city is a proud harvester of the fruit. Newark’s preschool was ranked 91 and its grade school’s ranked 100 in reading and 98 in math. In 2008, Newark had a 94% high school graduation rate. The median home price is $216,100.
  8. Hartford, Connecticut- Home to oldest public art museum in the U.S., The Wadsworth Museum. Hartford has a population of 124,062. The city is home to three Blue Ribbon Schools and 32 NEAYC-accredited preschools.
  9. Tacoma, Washington- Tacoma is one of the best cities to raise a family. It is home to Mount Rainer National Park. With a population of 197,181 there are only 389 sex offenders in Tacoma. It has a low crime rate as well as a low unemployment rate.
  10. Bakersfield, California- Bakersfield is well known for its rock n' roll influenced country music style. It has a population of 321,078. The median home price is $162,300. Popular Bakersfield blogs include Raising Bakersfield, The Grade and Bakersfield Observed.



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