10 Best Classic Ringtones

This is a list of the 10 best classic ringtones that you must have on your phone if you wish to be like everyone else. Or if you want to have a bit old time feeling is your phone goes off, or even if you wants other around you to instantly recognize what’s playing.

  1. “Symphony Number 5” By Ludwig van Beethoven is great classical music and a theme that everybody will know. That is why is tops the best classic ringtones list. 
  2. “Super Mario Theme Song” Has been a great theme song for many years, and always seems to find its way on to people’s phones. Therefore, giving it the ability to garner the second sport on this classic ringtone list.
  3. “Original Nokia Ring Tone” Is a staple to any classic ringtone list. If you ever had a Nokia cell phone then you know exactly what ringtone that is being talked about.
  4. “Crazy Frog” Is another classic ringtone that finds its way onto this list that almost everybody will know. This song is on basically every list and has proved that it has staying power for any phone.  
  5. “South Park Soundbytes” Lead to some of the best ringtones. They often times can lead to a large amount of laughter which is also a positive in less you happen to be in a business meeting.
  6. “Pick Up Yo Phone by Mr.T”  Is another very common ringtone and it will continue to be a classic ringtone. Who doesn’t want to hear Mr. T yelling at you to pick your phone up.
  7. “Star Wars Theme” It seems like everyone loves Star Wars, or at least know the theme that goes with it. So why not put it on the list?
  8. “Mission Impossible Theme” Is another well known theme that makes for a great ringtone. Therefore it had to make the list.
  9. “Sweet Home Alabama” By Lynyrd Skynyrd has found its way onto almost everybody’s phones. If it’s on everyone’s phone then it has to have a place in the top ten.
  10. “X-Files Theme Song” Is a song that starts of slowly and slowly builds up. It’s catchy and will have you humming it all day long.
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