10 Best Classic Rock Bands

Any list of the best classic rock bands is bound to be subjective, but we feel confident that ours includes all of the greatest.

  1. The Rolling Stones. Some will of course disagree, but for us, Mick and Keith and the boys still stand out as the best classic rock band of all time.
  2. The Beatles. When these four musical geniuses came together to form the Beatles, rock n’ roll would never be the same again.
  3. The Who. The pioneers of the rock opera inevitably wind up on every list of the best classic rock bands, and ours is no exception.
  4. The Troggs. Their music might be overly simplistic, but how can you go wrong with a song like “Wild Thing?"
  5. The Doors. If Jim Morrison were still alive today, we can only imagine that the Doors would still be going as strong as the Rolling Stones. Sadly, they faded way too fast, but the music lives on and they’re still one of the best classic rock bands of all time.
  6. The Stooges. Iggy Pop’s first band can arguably be credited with inventing the punk rock genre.
  7. Bob Dylan. He went from folk to electric and shocked an entire generation along the way. Bob Dylan is the most prolific and best classic rock artist we know.
  8. The Kinks. The Kinks would make it on to this list if they had only released “You Really Got Me.” Thankfully for us, they also put out a ton of other great hits.
  9. Pink Floyd. Leave our kids alone and let them keep rocking out to the eternal sounds of Pink Floyd.
  10. AC/DC. The Australian overlords of stadium rock round out our list of the best classic rock bands.
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