10 Best Classic Rock Songs Of The ’70s

One of the best decades for rock music was the '70s and these are some of the 10 best classic rock songs of the '70s. It is truly hard to make a list like this because there is so much great music from that decade. Here the top '70s classic rock songs, but your own list may vary.

  1. "Carry On Wayward Son" Kansas This song has been interpreted  to mean a million different things. What is important is that this is truly a classic rock song that deserves to be on any list of the ten best classic rock songs of the '70s.
  2. "Sweet Home Alabama" Lynyrd Skynyrd This is truly one of the best songs of the '70s. "Sweet Home Alabama" was released 36 years ago and it still gets a lot of radio play. You hear it played in bars and campgrounds even though the song is so old. There is no disputing the facts that this is one of the ten best classic rock songs of the '70s.
  3. "Hotel California" The Eagles "Hotel California" is still widely played to this day. The song was originally released in 1976 and in 2009 the album had gained over 1,000,000 digital downloads.
  4. "Bohemian Rhapsody" Queen This song was released in 1975 and surged back into popularity in 1992 when the song was featured in "Wayne's World." The song was initially criticized when it was first released by critics, but the song is now considered one of the ten best classic rock songs of the '70s.
  5. "American Pie" Don McLean The song is believed by some to be a tribute to Buddy Holly and the day he died in a plane crash. There have been countless interpretations of the song but none from Don McLean himself. Regardless of what the true meaning of the song is, it has stood the test of time. A remake of the song was even done by Madonna.
  6. "We Are the Champions" Queen This rock ballad is still one of the greatest songs ever made. It is common for it to be played at sporting events when a team wins a championship. This is a classic ballad everybody recognizes.
  7. "Old Time Rock and Roll" Bob Seger This song was released on the "Stranger in Town" album in 1978. It has been used in many movies, including "Risky Business." The scene in which Tom Cruise's character dances in his underwear while he lip syncs to this song was a very popular scene and helped to make the song more popular.
  8. "Walk This Way" Aerosmith The song was initially released in 1975 and peaked on the charts in 1977. This is one of the songs that helped make Aerosmith famous. In 1986 the rap group Run-DMC did a rap rock cover of the song. The Run-DMC version of the song went on to become the first rap song to hit  number five on the Billboard Hot 100.
  9. "Free Bird" Lynyrd Skynyrd This song was first released on the band's debut album. It is hard to find a list of the top ten best classic rock songs of the '70s that does have "Free Bird" listed. There is even a fourteen-minute live version of the song.
  10. "Let It Be" The Beatles "Let It Be" was the last single released by The Beatles before John McCartney left the band. There have been many versions of this song and the song remains popular to this day.
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