10 Best Classical Guitar Songs

The 10 best classical guitar songs feature some of the most technically skilled players in the world. In many cases it is the version of a song written hundreds of years ago but played by a contemporary virtuoso that is remembered most by classical guitar fans. Add some timeless pieces of music to your collection by using the list of 10 best classical guitar songs.

  1. Isaac Albeniz – "Asturias" (1866). The piece known as "Asturias" (1866) is part of the musical suite by Isaac Albeniz called "Suite Espanola". It was a collection of songs created for the Queen of Spain. Andres Segovia was a classical guitar virtuoso that played "Asturias" (1866) on several occasions and his version is considered one of the finest ever played.
  2. Isaac Albeniz – "Rumores de la Caleta" (1886). This piece written by Isaac Albeniz was adapted from the piano to classical guitar by players such as Jose Manuel Dapena and Tavi Jinariu.
  3. Joaquin Rodrigo – "Sonata Giocosa" (1960). This is a happy piece of music that was written in three movements by the composer Joaquin Rodrigo. It is performed either as an entire piece, or its various movements have been performed on their own. The upbeat tempo of "Sonata Giacosa" (1960) is very typical of Rodrigo's work.
  4. Sergio Assad – "Preludio y Toccatina" (1983). Brazilian classical guitar composer Sergio Assad is known for the emotion he is able to put into his pieces. The feel and almost violent emotion that comes from "Preludio y Toccatina" (1983) stands as one of Assad's finest pieces.
  5. Fernando Sor – "Theme and Variations on Mozart's the Magic Flute Opus 9" (1827). Fernando Sor is often considered one of the finest classical guitar composers that has ever lived. His piece "Theme and Variations on Mozart's the Magic Flute Opus 9" (1827) is regarded as one of the most technically difficult classical guitar pieces to play.
  6. Joaquin Rodrigo – "Fantasia Para un Gentilhombre" (1954). This piece was written by Rodrigo for Andres Segovia both as a performance piece for Segovia, and as a tribute to the classical guitar virtuoso. The title's English translation, "fantasy for a gentleman", refers directly to Segovia.
  7. Francisco Tarrega – "Capricho Arabe" (1897). Franscisco Tarrega was widely regarded for his classical guitar compositions that many felt painted vivid pictures for the listening. The "Capricho Arabe" (1897) piece has been used as an inspiration by contemporary rock and jazz musicians in both melody and form.
  8. Frederico Moreno Torroba – "Torija". The exact date of the "Castillos de España" suite by classical guitar composer Frederico Moreno Torroba is unknown. The "Torija" movement in the suite combines many of elements from Spanish folk music into a beautiful classical guitar piece.
  9. Agustin Barrios – "La Catedral" (1921). Agustin Barrios was very influence by Bach, and his music showed that influence profoundly. His piece "La Catedral" (1921) is an airy piece of music that shows an understanding of how to create space in music while still creating melody.
  10. Leo Brouwer – "Book of Signs" (2003). Leo Brouwer is a Cuban classical guitar composer most known for his rapid-fire pieces such as "Retrats Catalans" (1983) and "From Yesterday to Penny Lane" (1985). His concerto entitled "Book of Signs" (2003) is a highly experimental piece that shows a broad range from this brilliant composer.
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