10 Best Classical Love Songs

These are the 10 best classical love songs that you can play for your beloved. These love songs range from classical and pre-classical periods. So the next time you want to show your romance for someone, make sure that you have these love songs, because one of them might just win your beloved's heart.

  1. “Violin Sonata, Recitativo-Fantasia" by Cesar Franck. It is from the classical era and it is one of the best classic love songs of all-time. It is for the truly classic and romantic types.
  2. “Prelude for Piano No. 11" by Sergey Rachmaninov. While it predates the classical period technically speaking, it is number two on the list for the best classic love songs of all-time. This is definitely a song to have in your arsenal when you want to be romantic towards the one that you love.
  3. “Salut d'amour". This song is a classic from the era of love and is typically listed as one of the most popular love songs of all time. If you have a candlelight dinner and you want to get romantic with one you love, put on this song. You will love it.
  4. “Lullaby from the Chugoku Area". It is the best by Komoriuta and while it is technically a classic, it is a little bit more modern. It is definitely a romantic love song. If you're not sure what to play and not sure if your beloved is a classic music lover, you should try this one and you'll probably get just what you need.
  5. “La Plus que lente". This one is definitely one of the more beautiful pieces by Claude Debussy. It's perfect for new love or speaking to a love that was fated to become true. Try it and see how the effect works.
  6. “Liebeslieder (Liebes-Lieder) Waltz". This is definitely in the classical genre of love music. It is a wonderful song to romance the one you love. It could even be used if you intend to get married or to make your relationship more committed.
  7. “Idyll for Strings, Adagio". This classical love song is good for making a commitment to the one you love.
  8. “Canon and gigue, for 3 violins & continuo in D major" by Johann Pachelbel. Whoever you love, if they like typical classical love music, then this is definitely good to win their heart.
  9. “Air on a G String" from Orchestral Suite No. 3 ” by Johann Sebastian Bach. This one is good if you had trouble with the one you love. If your goal is to win back someone you love, put this one on play and you'll do well.
  10. “Aragonaise" from "Carmen". This song may just leave you or your loved one in tears. It speaks of eternal love that is known no matter what, no matter where.
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