10 Best Classical Singers

These vocalists have devoted their lives to classical singing and have made this list of the 10 best classical singers. Some have had fame and fortune, while some have had trial and tribulation. What these class singers achieved, for however short or long a time, is an outpouring of adoration by millions around the world.

  1. Placido Domingo has been quoted saying, “If I rest, I rust,” which is quite fitting for this classical star who has carried over 45 characters masterfully through more than 600 performances. From continent to continent, dazzling the most refined audiences and a favorite of the popular masses, Placido Domingo enchants us as one of the best classical singers.  
  2. Josh Groban is one of the best classical singers who has the ability to make females between the ages of 8 and 80 swoon with his golden voice. Synonymous with the lyrics, “You lift me up,” this talented singer and songwriter lives his passion: music. Having performed around the world to packed crowds, he remains humble and brings a fresh fusion of classical and modern music in a strong classical voice.  
  3. Paul Potts silenced the crowds of “Britain’s Got Talent” with his amazing voice. After the release of a solo album “One Chance,” he was nominated for the German Echo Award. Having had an amazing climb to fame, this humorous Brit says it still feels as if he is dreaming.  
  4. Sarah Brightman and her liquidly golden voice were introduced to us in the Andrew Lloyd Weber Broadway production “Phantom of the Opera.” Hauntingly beautiful, her singing and dancing career started at the tender age of 5, taking her through various genres and culminating in a hugely successful solo career. Amongst her peers in the music industry, Sarah has earned herself a reputation as a tremendously hard worker. She has also earned the title as one of the best classical singers.  
  5. Andrea Bocelli was discovered through a singing competition in 2004 and Celine Dion loves performing with him. Her famous quote, “If God had to have a singing voice, he would sing a lot like Andrea Bocelli,” is echoed by millions of fans worldwide. As a known and respected gentleman, he has successfully performed with many stars and as one of the best classical singers, he has outshone many of them.  
  6. Luciano Pavarotti sadly passed away in 2006, but remains one of the best classical singers of all time. The tenor with his vivacious love for life has charmed audiences around the world since 1961. A magnificent sight on and off stage, this big man had a heart of gold and a voice to match.  
  7. Renee Fleming is the great American soprano who has won three Grammys. Her versatility has made her the darling of the American press and of audiences worldwide. Having won many accolades, this nightingale is the busiest opera star on the American circuit and has landed herself on the best classical singers list.  
  8. Neal E. Boyd is truly living his American Dream after having won the popular “America’s Got Talent” show. He was introduced to the music of The Three Tenors when his brother had to listen to it as punishment. He claims that day changed his life. His hope is to provide a spark of hope for all who hear his music.
  9. Cecilia Bartoli is an Italian classical singer who has sold more than 8 million CDs. This is enough reason for her to be listed as one of the best classical singers. Moreover, she is bringing back the neglected composers work, earning her the love of the classical society. She was awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Music by the University College Dublin.  
  10. Anna Nebtrebko is a versatile and well-loved Russian soprano who has wowed audiences around the world. This smoldering beauty has a voice with endless scope, versatility and purity. This virtuoso singer is a real-life Cinderella. She used to scrub the floors at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. Today she steps into any theater in the world as a top diva.
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