10 Best Clean Rap Songs

Here are some of the 10 best clean rap songs everyone and their grandma can listen to. Most raps songs today contain vulgarity, but looking back at its origins, the genre started off clean. 

  1. "Just A Friend” Biz Markie– This classic throwback from the late 80s with its catchy tune and beat is one of the best clean rap songs of all time. Although the man cannot sing worth a salt, Biz is a good rapper nonetheless, talking about his woes with a woman he is digging.
  2. "Parents Just Don't Understand” DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince- Before fighting aliens and becoming heroic saver of the world, Will Smith entered the rap game with a squeaky clean image which remains to this day. Along with his friend, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Smith talks about the struggles teens often face with their parents and the desire to be independent. This is one of the greatest clean rap songs many teens of the past, present and the future can identify with.
  3. "Jump" Kriss Kross- Chris Kelly and Chris Smith display their lyrical flow effortlessly with the classic 1992 hit, "Jump." This song wants to make anyone get up, dance and bob his or her head to this beat all day.
  4. "Whoomp There It Is" Tag Team- This rap duo became a national craze with their clean rap song, "Whoomp There It Is,” which is an anthem for many sporting events during the 90s. The songs makes you feel so good that you want to play loudly whether celebrating a winning sports team or to dance to at parties.
  5. "Walk This Way" Run DMC– Rap legends Run DMC brought down the house collaborating with Aerosmith's front man Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry, mixing rock and rap together in "Walk This Way," a song Aerosmith originally recorded. This clean rap track is a timeless rap-rock tune of all time.
  6. "Ice Ice Baby" Vanilla Ice- Before Eminem, there was Vanilla Ice who took the rap industry by storm with his smash hit, "Ice Ice Baby" while sampling Queen's song, "Under Pressure.” When we think of clean 90s rap, this easily be on the top list of songs forever embedded in our minds.
  7. "Bust a Move" Young MC– When pop meets rap, we get Young MC's 1989 hit, "Bust A Move." The clean rap songs used in many commercials and TV shows and movies has earned its rights as a classic rap song for years to come.
  8. "Jailhouse Rap" The Fat Boys- The rap trio is best known for their clean rap lyrics and humor and for being one of the originators of human beat boxing. "Jailhouse Rock" display all three and anyone can realize why it remains of the best clean rap songs ever.
  9. "Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody" Kid & Play– If you are looking for clean good rap, do not overlook Kid & Play. These rappers are good at what they do, and it includes getting everyone up to dance. This is a perfect party song; after all, it is the theme song for Kid & Play's popular movie, "House Party II."
  10. "U Can't Touch This" MC Hammer- No one can complete a list of rap songs without mentioning rap entertainer, MC Hammer. Sampling Rick James "Super Freak" and using his own high energy in his self-titled music video, it became an instant hit in the 90s and was dubbed as Hammer's signature song.
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