10 Best Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

The 10 best clever Halloween costume ideas do not necessarily have to be expensive and loud. They can be straight out of your closet. Utilizing your old unused clothes will also help you recycle and reuse.

  1.  Skirt Into a Cape.  Use your old wrap around skirt as a cape or just try to cut open a skirt and attach strings on either side. Wear black tights and a black skin-tight top. Finish with dark makeup and a wide red belt. Tie your hair high-up in a bun with chopsticks in it. You are a new age super woman in a clever Halloween costume.
  2. The Hippie. Cut some old pants on the thighs and the knee area and choose a brightly colored top. Men can borrow some wooden jewelry from the women. Use a permanent marker to draw some ancient Sanskrit words. Look up the Internet for some signs and symbols. Use a wide, colored head band. Remember, to put peace signs all over.
  3. The Artist. Stain your clothes with a lot of paints of different colors. The women can use painting brushes in their hair. Wear some old fashioned glasses. The men can tuck in the brushes behind the ear between the head and the top of the ear and make a clever Halloween costume.
  4. Be a Gift.  Find a box that can fit you. Cut out holes for arms and the head. Wrap it with a wrapping paper and stick a big holiday bow in the front.
  5. The Little Moses. Dress your little boy in a rough looking top that covers him from shoulders to ankles. Wrap a stick that’s about a foot taller than him in some brown paper. Stick cotton balls together such that it looks like a beard. Color the beard grey and stick it to the child’s face. Your little Moses is all set in a clever Halloween costume.
  6. The Traffic Signal. Dress up in a black or yellow sweat suit. Cut out big circles from red, green and yellow paper. Stick the paper cutouts, red first, yellow next and green last. Wear a head torch for more effect. This is a simple, yet interesting Halloween costume idea.
  7. The Miss Matched. Wear two different earrings in each ear, shoes in each foot, nail polish and different looking makeup on each eye. Wear a sash around your waist with the words, “Miss Match.” This will make a unique and clever Halloween costume.
  8. Classical Dancer from India. Dress up as a classical dancer from India. Buy Bharatnatyam, Kathak or Kathakali costume online. The men can try a Punjabi folk dancer costume from India. This Halloween costume will make you look exotic and there is almost no fear of anyone else dressing up in the same costume.
  9. The Four Seasons.  Dress up as one of the seasons. For summer wear bright color, flowery clothing with a big hat, sun glasses and flip-flops. For winter, dress up in a grey or dull blue outfit with artificial snow flakes dangling all around. Dress up in a maroon or orange color with maple leaves and fake pumpkins spread all over you to represent fall. And for spring, dress up in a cheerful, bright outfit. Wear a hat with artificial flowers on it and carry a bouquet or basket of flowers. You can sprinkle petals of flowers or some fragrant Styrofoam flowers on people you meet.
  10. Retro Fun. Dress up to look like you are from the 70's. Wear a colorful dress with bell sleeve and a broad head band. Men can try flared bottom pants, with a long and fitted shirt without tucking it in. This Halloween costume idea will make you look chic and sexy without the cheesiness of some other period costumes.
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