10 Best Club Electro Songs

There are songs that stand out above the rest, and these are the 10 best club electro songs. Electro is an amazing genre of music to dance or rave to, but these are the ten that stand out.

  1. "Planet Rock"African Bambaataa struck gold when he created this mega hit. Even today there are many new re-mixes and rip offs of Planet Rock, including one by rap star Common, but nothing is better than the original.
  2. "Rockit" Herbie Hancock is a legend in more than one way, but when he created this hit he put his name in the history books forever. Herbie will always be remembered for making one of the ten best club electro songs.
  3. "Situation" When Yaz made this he made sure to include one of the greatest beats possible. Yaz will go down in fist pumping history with this top ten electro hit.
  4. "The Smurf" Who would have ever thought that a song named after a 1990's cartoon could be one of the ten best club electro songs? Well apparently Tyrone Brunson did when he created this gem that will go down in the hearts of over a million experimental fans.
  5. "No Sell Out" Sure Malcolm X gets credit for catapulting the civil rights movement, but his words created one of the greatest electro songs of all time. Keith LeBlanc did it exactly right when he created this amazing song
  6. "It's Like That" Rap Icons Run DMC were not strictly held down to rap. They created a hit that is still a fan favorite in night clubs all over the USA. Run DMC will always be dearly remembered for creating one of the ten best club electro songs.
  7. "Looking For The Perfect Beat" African Bambaataa did it again and cemented himself as an electronic music prodigy by making his second song on the ten best electro songs list.
  8. "Double Dutch Bus" Ahhh, the family favorite. Everybody in all age ranges can enjoy listening to this top ten electro hit by Frankie Smith. between the ever so clever lyrics and the amazing beat this song will always be a favorite.
  9. "I Can't Live without My Radio" Who would have ever thought that rap star LL Cool J could produce one of the ten best club electro songs? Definitely none of the critics because no one saw this mega hit coming out of him.
  10. "I'm the Packman" Ladies and Gentleman, I would like to introduce you to Packman. The Packman made this song to get his name out in a big way, and with this song he did it. unfortunately for him he never repeated success like this again, but at least he will always have this song to put him in the record books.

So there they are, the ten best club electro songs. Some may be better than others, but when it comes down to it they will all be played repeatedly in night clubs all over the U.S. of A.

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