10 Best Club Mix Songs

For anyone that loves to put on a party, it is a good idea to know what the 10 best club mix songs are. These types of songs are perfect for making a party all the more impressive to your guests. Though there are literally hundreds of songs to choose from in this genre, these 10 certainly can find their way onto most “top” lists.

  1. “Took the Night” by Chelley. A song with a bass line that can get just about anyone on the floor. This song is great for faster paced parties.
  2. “Cotton Eye Joe” by Rednex. A fan favorite of a classic bluegrass song. The remix version makes for some great dancing.
  3. “Pro Nails” by Kid Sister. A curious song that has a very addictive melody that is a must for any party.
  4. “Swagga” by Excision. This song is bound to make anyone do just what the title says. Its bold melody and interesting lyrics make for some great dancing.
  5. “This is My Life” by Edward Maya. A song that surpasses just about anyone’s idea of what a party song should be. It has a melody that you will not expect, but will love to dance to.
  6. “Cry For You” by September. Though this song is a little slower paced, it is still a great song for any party.
  7. “Listen to your Heart” by DHT. Another slower paced song, this one is still great for some mood dancing at a party.
  8. “One” by Swedish House Mafia. The curious group has been known to make some great dance songs, and this one is no exception with its excellent tune and bass line.
  9. “Stereo Love” by Edward Maya. This song is not for those that cannot appreciate a little loud music. Be prepared to have ringing in your ears.
  10. “Empire State of Mind” by Chani. This song has been a favorite in the Big Apple because of how addictive it is as well as how simple the bass line is to digest.

This only represents a small portion of songs that can be played at any dance party, but these particular club mixes can be considered some of the best in any list. 

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