10 Best Club Remix Songs

There are many reasons that someone might want to know what the top 10 best remix songs are. Many people that go to or host dance parties or parties that feature such an atmosphere would be interested to know which songs in particular are the ones that people are more willing to dance to.

  1. “We Speak No Americano” by Yolanda B Cool. A very smooth song with some interesting lyrical devices and a very appealing bass line; this song is certainly one of the best on anyone’s list.
  2. “Getting Over You” by David Guetta. Though this song is slower paced, it still contains many of the elements that most people are looking for in a club mix. It certainly leaves nothing to be desired.
  3. “Dirty Talk” by Wynter Gordon. This song says it all. Not only does it have provocative themes usually desirable by anyone that is in the partying scene, it has a very excitable melody that would make anyone want to dance.
  4. “Take Over Control” by Afrojack. Though this is not the usual Afrojack tune, this song does not disappoint any party girl with its very controlling tune and pleasing beats.
  5. “California Gurls” by DJ X-Change. A fascinating take on an old classic, this song can get any party moving with a moving beat and melody.
  6. “Blue” by Eiffel 65. An older tune, this song has an addictive tempo and a confusing premise, though it is still a fan favorite.
  7. “Russia Privjet” by Kaskade. Kaskade is famous for his remixes, though this one is one of the more quickly paced and heavily energetic.
  8. “Heaven” by DJ Sammy. This song has a beat that rarely takes a breath, and when it does, it is all too appealing when it comes back. Though the bass line leaves something to be desired, the rest of the song certainly makes up for it.
  9. “Disco Pongo” by Die Atzen. This song seems to bounce a little on and off, but is more than enough to get someone dancing.
  10. “I’m Not Your Toy” by La Roux. Though not as provocative as the tittle may leave one to believe, this song is still a crowd pleaser with its face pace and heavy bass line.

Though this barely breaks the surface of how many club mixes there are, these certainly exemplify some of the best ones that are currently out there. 

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