10 Best Club Songs Of All Time

When you think about the 10 best club songs of all time, you probably assume they are all about dancing, right? Well, this list is a completely diverse collection of club songs you can dance to, and might actually want to play at home as well. Let these 10 best club songs of all time put you in a better mood instantly.

  1. Deee-Lite feat. Q-Tip – "Groove Is In The Heart." This infectious dance track is the greatest club song of all time because is makes your body naturally want to move—you can even picture yourself in a club when you listen to it. The pulsating beat also makes room for Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest to contribute to the fun.
  2. DNA feat. Suzanne Vega – "Tom's Diner." The haunting hook to this club song is unforgettable. How often are we given an urban tale that could have been an episode of "Seinfeld", told over a club track?
  3. Haddaway – "What is Love." This radiant resistance towards having your heart broken is a classic club track. This song is perfect for your favorite mixed drink, your favorite upscale outfit of the moment, and your favorite dance floor.
  4. Enya – "Oronoco." What a truly beautiful club song! That is normally not the description that is used to describe dance music, but this luscious aquatic tune sounds like a soothing getaway from all your worries.
  5. Depeche Mode – "Enjoy The Silence." This hypnotizing club song about how words can ruin a great moment send a surge of rhythmic energy instantly when played. Isn't it refreshing to hear a dance track that isn't about dancing?
  6. Madonna – "Vogue." This glamorous Madonna masterpiece appears designed to break a sweat to. She is truly able to transform her sound into anything she desires—this time it's to shake a leg or two.
  7. Soul II Soul – "Back To Life." This song seems to come back to life every time it is played-—as if it is fresh and new. If you can't feel the urge to dance to this one then you are wasting the full potential of your legs.
  8. Ce Ce Peniston – "Finally." There is room for a love song squeezed into a club song. This emotion of love, more than any other, is perfect for spreading while trying to dance with a sudden mutual attraction.
  9. EMF – "Unbelievable." This is one of those club songs that you most likely have heard before, but don't remember where, or how. It has stuck around for even more generations to rock out to.
  10. Kraftwerk – "Trans-Europe Express." This futuristic electronic explosion may still put you in the mood to break dance after all these years. It was clearly so ahead of its time that you can still apply some fancy footwork to it.



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