10 Best College Baseball Players Of All Time

Don’t ask a room full of sports fans who the 10 best college baseball players of all time are, unless you want to debate the subject for hours. NCAA fans each have their favorite players and reasons for choosing them. Given that accurate stat records weren’t kept until 1947, you could debate the subject to infinity and back with no clear winners.

  1. Lou Gehrig (Columbia 1922-24) While Babe Ruth christened the new Yankee Stadium with a home run, Gehrig set Columbia records, striking out 17 players. One of Gehrig’s most noted collegiate baseball achievements and the reason for his number one spot on the best college baseball players of all time was a 450-foot home run in April of that same year. That hit prompted his signing with the Yankees and becoming Columbia’s most famous dropout.
  2. Jackie Robinson (Pasadena Junior College, UCLA 1937-41) A stellar baseball player at PJC, his worst sport at UCLA was baseball. His performance at PJC won him All-Southland Junior College Team, regional MVP and garnered a spot on the Negro Leagues while at Sam Houston College. Just being who he was, in the time he found himself, is enough to warrant a spot on the best college baseball players of all time.
  3. Pete Incaviglia (Oklahoma State 1984-85) Stats alone put Pete in the number three spot for best college baseball players of all time. Records include .915 slugging percentage, 100 homers, 324 RBI, College Baseball Hall of Fame inductee, Golden Spikes and more.
  4. Bob Horner (Arizona State, 1976-78) Being the first ever Golden Spikes winner is enough to land Horner in the number four spot for best college baseball players ever. Career stats include hitting .444 in 1977 when Arizona won the College World Series and Horner was named Most Outstanding Player.
  5. Robin Ventura (Oklahoma State, 1985-88) Ventura holds the longest hitting streak in the history of the NCAA, making him a must-have for any list of the best college baseball players of all time. Not to mention, stats of .469, 21 homers and 96 RBI.
  6. Mark Kotsay (California State, 1994-96) You can’t have a list of the best college baseball players of all time and not include the guy who brought home the Howser, the Golden Spikes and the Rotary Smith awards in a single year. He even got the bronze in the ‘96 summer Olympics.
  7. George Sisler (Michigan State, 1913-15) By far the greatest Wolverines player in Michigan history, Sisler’s batting average was .445. He helped Michigan to their first-ever twenty-win season.
  8. Charles Teague (Wake Forest 1947-50) First winner of Most Outstanding Player in the College World Series and one of less than a dozen players to make first-team All-American three times.
  9. Dave Winfield (Minnesota State 1969-73) What can you say about a guy that’s drafted to four teams in three sports right out of college? Named All-American and MVP of the 1973 College World Series, his baseball stats are equally as impressive in collegiate games as his pro games for the Padres and Yankees.
  10. Don Heinkel (Wichita State 1979-82) With an impressive 51 victories, Heinkel hold the Division I record as the winningest pitcher. In his freshman year, he hit a seven inning no hitter. Other stats include 8 shutouts and 354 strikeouts out of 467 innings.
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