10 Best College Baseball Players

There are a ton of good college baseball players, but below are the ten best college baseball players. College Baseball is just crawling with future pro prospects. It is the ultimate goal of every player, and below is a list of this upcoming season's best college players. The sooner you familiarize yourself with them the more you will know when they break the college ranks into the world of Major League Baseball.

  1. Anthony Ranaudo. Anthony is a very polished LSU pitcher who seems ready to make a break for the MLB very soon, but for now he will have to settle for dominating the college ranks with with his heavy sinker and fastball. Surely one of the best players in college baseball.
  2. LeVon Washington. He has the tools to be one of the most dominating lead off hitters in the college ranks this upcoming season, but he made his name on being an elite defensive center fielder. Theres no question why Washington is considered one of college baseballs best.
  3. Zack Cox. Whoa! That is all you can really say about this kid. He is college baseball's version of Ryan Howard. He is the guy that has the potential to go the distance every time he steps into the batter's box, and you can find him holding down the hot corner for Arkansas. Definitely one of college baseball's best players.
  4. Drew Pomeranz. He is considered the Tim Lincecum of the college ranks. He has great break on his pitches and fools you with a very deceptive pitching motion. This kid has the stuff that makes players successful in MLB, and you can find him throwing heat for Mississippi. No question why he is one of the ten best players in college.
  5. Deck McGuire. No doubt his song will be wild thing when he takes the mound in the MLB. He is very wild, has very poor control of his pitches, but when he has his stuff, he is easily one of the ten best players in college baseball. You can find Deck pitching for Georgia Tech.
  6. Bryce Brentz. You know that guy that people say, he may not be elite yet but he can break out at any moment? He may be the most questionable of the ten on this list of the best college baseball players, but if he maximizes his potential he will be the best on this list.
  7. Rick Hague. You know that school that finishes as a top dog of the league every year? Yeah that one they call Rice. Well this season Rick will be carrying Rice University to the top ten in standings. That is how good he is, good enough to be one of the ten best players in college.
  8. Chad Bettis. How can a guy who only throws one inning, three outs, on ten pitches be considered one of the ten best players in college baseball? Well when you are as talented as Bettis it is kind of hard not to be. If Texas Tech ever has the lead past the eighth inning, it is over cause you will not score on Bettis, making him one of the ten best players in college.
  9. Chis Sale. Sale is a 6-foot-6-inch work horse. Lets face it, when a guy that big steps on the mound, you will be pretty intimidated. Well Sale on the mound you should be, cause if you do anything other than ground out then it was a success. He is easily one of the ten best players in college.
  10. Justin Grimm. Of all the pitchers on this list, Grimm throws the fastest, and the scary part of it is he does it for six-plus innings. Grimm will be throwing hard every at bat.








There it is, the ten best players in college. In college there are many guys who hit for amazing stats, but that does not make them great. These guys have the best talent and will terrify the college ranks this season. They are easily college baseball's ten best players.

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