10 Best College Baseball Programs

For the casual baseball fan, keeping track of the 10 best college baseball programs in the country can be a difficult task. College baseball doesn't receive the same amount of television coverage and media attention as college football and college basketball do, so it is harder to follow what programs remain on top and have sustained levels of success. However, like college football and college basketball, there are certain teams that do manage to remain successful year after year. Here is a list of the to best college baseball programs in America.

  1. California State Fullerton. Many experts consider Cal State Fullerton perhaps the most successful college baseball program of all time. The baseball team has never had a losing season and have sixteen CWS appearances and have won four national championships, their most recent in 2004. Cal State Fullerton appeared in the CWS six times in the last decade and look to continue their overwhelming success.
  2. University of Southern California. USC has appeared in the CWS 21 times and have won twelve national titles. However, they have not been as successful as of late, with their last title in 1998 and their last CWS appearance in 2001. But history doesn't lie, so they remain one of the elite college baseball programs.
  3. Univeristy of Miami. The Miami Hurricanes are another traditional baseball powerhouse. They have made 23 CWS appearances and have won four national titles, with the most recent in 2001. The Hurricanes remain successful, with a recent CWS appearance in 2008.
  4. Arizona State  University. The Sun Devils have accumulated five national titles, although they last won in 1981. However, they have appeared in the CWS 21 times, including three times in the past five years. They have also produced some of Major League Baseball's top players, such as Reggie Jackson, Barry Bonds and Dustin Pedroia.
  5. The University of Texas. The University of Texas has well-known programs in both basketball and football, but their baseball program is just as successful. Their recent successes include national championships in both 2002 and 2005 as well as runner-up status in the 2009 College World Series.
  6. Louisiana State University (LSU). LSU has been known of late for its tremendous success in football; however, it remains one of the elite college baseball programs in America. They captured the CWS in 2009 and have been in five College World Series games since 2000.
  7. Rice University. Rice has experienced much of its baseball success in the past two decades. The school won the national title in 2003 and has made seven CWS appearances. It has also accumulated thirteen straight conference titles.
  8. Florida State University. Florida State is another classic college baseball power. It has appeared in the CWS nineteen times, but has never won a national title. It has appeared in the title game three times in its history. Notable alumni from Florida State include J.D. Drew and Tony LaRussa.
  9. Oregon State University. Oregon State has also experienced much of its baseball success in recent years. The school won the national title in 2006 and 2007 and appeared in the CWS in 2005, which was its first time since 1952.
  10. Fresno State University. Fresno State rounds out the list of the top 10 best college baseball programs. The school won its first national title in 2008 and has appeared in the CWS four times in three separate decades. It looks to continue its recent raised level of success into the next decade.

There you have it; a list of the 10 best college baseball programs in America. There are a few other schools that could have been included on this list, such as the University of North Carolina, but these ten schools aptly represent the best of the best in college baseball.





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