10 Best College Baseball Stadiums

The 10 best college baseball stadiums are amazing facilities. They are elite among all other stadiums; some because of state-of-the-art design, some for being unique, and others for the incredible facilities available.

  1. Foley Field This is one of the best college baseball stadiums simply because of the University of Georgia fans. The fans in right field are known as the Kudzu Krazies who are extreme hecklers who have a reputation of getting into the right fielders head. On more than one occasion have they caused an error by yelling at the right fielder. One time they even had a ball chucked at them by an Louisiana State player who just couldn't take it.
  2. Baum Stadium Home of the University of Arkansas Razorbacks this stadium was built in 1996 and is still miles ahead of almost all other stadiums. Between the luxury suites and the 10,500 crowd capacity, this venue has more than one reason for being considered one of the best college baseball stadiums.
  3. Alex Box Stadium The newest stadium in the college baseball ranks has a reputation for being the home of the biggest fans, making it one of the best college baseball stadiums. Louisiana State players and fans will enjoy the new facility that carries on an old tradition of great baseball.
  4. Dick Howser Stadium This glorious piece of art is the result of a twelve million dollar funding program. Dick Howser stadium is home of the Florida State University Seminoles and is one of the most expensive stadiums around, making it one of the best college baseball stadiums.
  5. Swayze Field Sure Ole Miss is known for it's amazing academic program, but now they are known for their state of the art college baseball stadium which can easily be considered one of the ten best.
  6. Dudy Noble Field Some consider this the best baseball stadium in college,and rightfully so. Mississippi State University has a great football tradition but an even better college baseball tradition and the energy that fills this stadium is simply unbelievable.
  7. Reckling Park Rice University's stadium, often referred to as "The Reck", is far from a wreck. The Reck is home to one of the best and most consistent teams in college baseball, and it has facilities that are top of the line.
  8. Baylor Ballpark Although this stadium, which is home territory for Baylor University, gets zero creativity points for the name, it makes up for because of how well kept the grounds are. It is no wonder why college baseball players love playing here.
  9. Hawks Field Home to the Nebraska Huskers, this stadium has a state-of-the-art design that is very original. Because of this it easily gets the nod to the title of one of the ten best stadiums in college baseball.
  10. Lubrano Park Maybe the college with the best baseball tradition is Penn State and their fans attend every game and they make sure the opposing team knows it. Their is no fan-friendlier environment than in Penn State's Lubrano Park. Is it any wonder why this is a top ten college baseball stadium?

There a ton of nice college baseball stadiums but those ten are the best college baseball stadiums. They are all unique, original, and have die hard loyal fans.

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