10 Best College Baseball Uniforms

College baseball is full of many wacky yet still cool uniforms, below is a list of the ten best college baseball uniforms.

  1. Miami-Miami has two colors that do not usually go together and just like the football team, they pull it off. Miami's mix of bright orange on dark green makes these spunky uniforms stand out.
  2. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets-These uniforms are considered one of the ten best college baseball uniforms simply because they use the classic uniform style. Now in days of fancy print on uniforms, Georgia Tech goes old school.
  3. Oregon Ducks-The Oregon Ducks football uniforms have gained much exposure, and just like the football team, the baseball team rocks the very flashy green and yellow jerseys, making them one of the ten best college baseball uniforms.
  4. LSU Tigers-They say purple is the color of royalty, and what's better than royalty? The LSU Tigers wear one of the ten best college uniforms with these purple stand-out jerseys.
  5. Penn State-Blue and white. Those colors just go together. And Penn State perfects this style by wearing one of the ten best uniforms out onto the field day after day. White on dark blue just has a certain swagger to it.
  6. North Carolina-What is so different about North Carolina? They use a style of uniforms made famous by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the late 80s and early 90s. You don't see many teams wear the vest over the t-shirt style anymore, so North Carolina makes the cut for the ten best college baseball uniforms for their uniqueness
  7. Mississippi State Bulldogs-Just like Penn State, Mississippi State uses a blend of colors that may not stand out, but they just go so well together. You can see Mississippi State wearing the classic white on red look when they take the field.
  8. Michigan Wolverines-Michigan wears colors that are actually pretty flashy. A color combination not seen often, Michigan wears yellow on top of blue, and they make it look pretty good if I may say so.
  9. Oklahoma Sooners-The Sooners wear a football-style baseball uniform, which is odd because they might be one of the very few teams to do so. When you see an Oklahoma Sooners baseball uniform, be sure to look at the stripe going up the sides onto the arms. That is a style made famous by the Philadelphia Eagles with their infamous yellow and baby blue uniforms back in the 20s.
  10. Mizzou Tigers-Mizzou does something very odd with the writing of "Mizzou" across their chest, and if you look closely, you can actually see it's kind of arched. Not many teams do this with their primary jerseys. It has been seen on a few alternative jerseys over the years, but for their boldness, the Mizzou are easily considered one of the ten best college baseball uniforms.

So there it is. There are many great uniforms in baseball, especially in college baseball, but these ten uniforms are easily considered the best of the bunch. If you want to buy a jersey and make a statement at the same time, be sure to get one of the teams listed here.

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