10 Best College Drinking Games

If you need to kill some time on the weekends, here are the ten best college drinking games. These games have circled around universities to give their students their best nights of the semester. If you're ready to make some new friends in your dorm, here are some of the best college drinking games.

  1. Beer Pong. The definitive college drinking game, played between two teams of two with six cups of beer that are arranged in a triangular formation. The teams throw balls into the opposing cups, where their opponents drink if they sink one. The game continues when a team has lost all of their cups, though many campuses have varying rules.
  2. Quarters. Another classic amongst underclassmen. Have two lines of people standing next to a table with a pair of short glasses in front of them. Take turns bouncing quarters off the table into the glass—making the shot lets you pick someone to drink, while missing means that you pass the glass to your right and allowing that person to try their luck.
  3. Circle of Death. Also known as "Kings" in some circles, this is one of the best college drinking games for getting drunk in a short period of time. Arrange a deck of cards in a circle around an empty cup, and assign rules to each card that people need to perform when they pick it up. Continue until the deck is expended, making sure that one of the rules involves pouring some of one's drink into the cup and eventually drinking the mixture that is created.
  4. Flip Cup. Another game that requires two evenly-matched teams. Have everyone fill up their cups and stand opposite each other with a table in between. Two people start drinking, and when one finishes their cup, they turn it over and place it on the table. They try to flip it back over by flicking the brim, and this repeats itself until one team wins.
  5. Power Hour. Less of a game but more of a drinking event. Essentially, you and your friends take a shot of beer every minute for an hour. Obviously, a stop watch is essential for this to work.
  6. High or Low. You're going to need a deck of cards for this great college drinking game. Pull out a card, and guess whether the next one will be higher or lower than that one. If you're wrong, you take a drink. Repeat until you can't discern the numbers anymore.
  7. Never Have I Ever. If you're ready to hear some dirty secrets about your friends, then let this college drinking game help you. Everyone takes turn saying something they haven't done, and if anyone has done it, they have to drink. If only one person drinks, then they have to tell the story behind it.
  8. Boat Race. One of the easiest college drinking games to play, all you need it two teams of people and plenty of beer. Simply see which team can finish chugging their beers the fastest, going down the line one by one.
  9. Beer Hunter. This game requires a lot of canned beers. Shake one can, but put it amongst the others so that you cannot tell which one is which. Have everyone take a can and open it. The one who is sprayed is out, while everyone else needs to finish their beers. The game ends when there is only one dry person left standing.
  10. Buffalo Club. Another classic college drinking game that has lasted due to its simplicity. The only rule is that you cannot hold a drink in your right hand throughout the evening—if anyone catches you doing so, they yell out "Buffalo Club" and you need to finish your drink right there. If someone catches you drinking your "Buffalo Club" drink with your right hand, you need to pour yourself an additional drink and finish that as well.
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