10 Best College Football Cornerbacks Ever

Most people believe that quarterbacks are the most important players in a football game but this list of the ten best college football cornerbacks ever will prove that all the players are important. It is important for cornerbacks to have agility, speed and the ability to know where everyone is on the field.

  1. Deion Sanders, from Florida State, is responsible for changing the way that people look at cornerbacks. Sanders won the Jim Thorpe award and was twice selected as All American. All this was happening while he was also competing in track and baseball.
  2. Malcolm Jenkins, from Ohio State, is considered one of the best cornerbacks since Deion Sanders. He’s the right size, has the needed speed and possesses the necessary skills to play the position.
  3. Michael Haynes, from Arizona State, was selected as an All American once and All Conference three times. Haynes is best known for helping Arizona accomplish an undefeated season in 1975.
  4. Darrel Green, of Texas A & I, received the Most Valuable Player award for the Lone Star Conference and was a first round selections in the 1983 NFL draft.  Green is also one of only a few cornerbacks to be selected for the College Football Hall of Fame.
  5. Patrick Robinson, from Florida State, is able to hand the ball well, has great speed, is very competitive, consistent and recovers quickly. He was the 32nd pick in the 2010 NFL draft and was chosen by the New Orleans Saints.
  6. Londen Fryar, of Western Michigan, plays football like his father Irving Fryar who was a receiver for the New England Patriots. Londen has shown consistent playing, speed and a true understanding of the position.
  7. Charles Woodson, from the University of Michigan, is the only cornerback to win the Heisman trophy. He helped lead the University of Michigan to a National title in 1997.
  8. Joe Haden, of Florida, was the 7th pick of the 2010 NFL draft and was picked up by the Cleveland Browns. Haden can run fast, change directions easily and enjoys playing on special teams.
  9. Kyle Wilson, from Boise State, is willing to give another player a hit, runs fast and does well with man on man coverage. He was drafted by the Jets in the 29th pick of the 2010 NFL draft.
  10. Jerome Murphy, of South Florida, is extremely fast and tall which allows him to make interceptions. Murphy is also willing to play a physical, aggressive game with receivers in order to make a play.

As the game of football continues to develop, we will continue to see outstanding defensive players change the way the game is played. Even though your favorite player may not be on this list, we hope that you find someone you like on this list of the ten best college cornerbacks ever.

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