10 Best College Football Fight Songs

From touchdown to cheerleaders, the end of the summer brings the long awaited football season. From professional to college, fans line up to cheer on their favorite teams, and the best way to do is through fight songs. Currently there or over 950 fight songs, so we are going narrow it down to the 10 best college fight songs.

  1. The Victors. University of Michigan college fight song is The Victors. In 1898, the Victors  composed by UM student Louis Elbel. Elbel composed the song after a last minute victory that clinched the league championship for UM.

  2. Rambling Wreck. Rambling Wreck is the fight song for the Georgia Institute of Technology. The song first appeared in Georgia Tech’s yearbook in 1908 and it is based on the composition of “Son of a Gambolier” written by Charles Ives in 1895.

  3. Aggie War Hymn. The Aggie War Hymn is the college fight song for Texas A&M. The song was written by World War I veteran J.V. Wilson.

  4. Victory  March. Victory March is the college fight song of the University of Notre Dame. The song was written by Michael and John Shae. In 1920, the Victory March was revised and became copyrighted in 1928.

  5. Mighty Oregon. The University of Oregon’s fight song is the Mighty Oregon.  The song was written by journalist student Dewitt Gilbert and Director of Bands Albert Perfect in 1916.                                                                                                                                                                                 

  6. Boomer Sooner. Boomer Sooner is the fight song for the University of Oklahoma. Originally written by Arthur Alden in 1905, the tune was taken from the Fight Song for Yale University.                                                                                                                                                            

  7. Minnesota Rouser. The University of Minnesota  is the Minnesota Rouser. In 1909, a contest was held to find the best song for the football games. Floyd Hutsell, actor and producer, wrote the Minnesota Rouser which was originally titled “Minnesota, Hats Off To Thee”. 

  8. Falcon Fight. The Falcon Fight was first introduced in 1915 and become copyrighted in 1919. Michigan State University cheerleader, Francis Lankey and Lyricist Arthur Sayles created the song from the original MSU melody.                 

  9. Across the Field. Across the field is the oldest fight song for Ohio State still used today. Created in 1915 by William Dougherty, Jr., Across the Fields is just one of the fight songs for Ohio State University.                                                                                                      

  10. Fight On. Composed in 1922 by Milo Sweet, Fight On is the fight song for the University of Southern California. Unlike other fight songs, Fight On has appeared in many movies and recordings.

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