10 Best College Football Fights

Each year college football has new fights that break out and here are the 10 best college football fights.

  1. Duck Punch. LeGarrette Blount of the Oregon Ducks was upset they had lost to Boise State in 2008. To start off the 2009 season Oregon and Boise State were playing each other. LeGarrette Blount had been talking a lot of smack in the weeks leading up to the big game about how they would dominate Boise. In the end Boise destroyed Oregon 19-8. After the game Boise player Byron Hout started talking smack to Blount who then punched him in the jaw and knocked him down. Blount then attempted to fight some Boise fans who were taunting him.
  2. Miami Helmet Swingers. In 2006, a game between Miami and Florida International turned nasty as multiple players were involved. One Miami player was swinging his helmet at the opposing players and another Miami player was stomping on a player.
  3. Pre-Game Slugfest. In 1988, Miami and Notre Dame got into a slugfest with each other before the game even started.
  4. 20 Minute Delay. A fight between Notre Dame and USC in 1971 led to a game delay that lasted over 20 minutes. This is one of the 10 best college football fights.
  5. Miami Quarterback Attack. In 1987 game between Miami and South Carolina a Miami player flung the South Carolina player to the ground and both benches cleared as a huge brawl broke out.
  6. BFF. Clemson and South Carolina got into one of the ten best college football fights in 2004. Twelve players in total were suspended and both teams lost the chance to play in bowl games.
  7. Miami vs FIU. Again. In 2006 Miami and FIU got into yet another nasty brawl. Helmets were swung and and multiple kicks to heads. This was one of the nastiest fights ever in college football so the 2006 Miami versus FIU game ranks as one of the ten best college football fights.
  8. Honolulu Fight. In 2002 the University of Cincinnati and Hawaii got into a brawl at the end of the game after Hawaii won 20 to 19.
  9. Triple Overtime Brawl. In 2003 at the Hawaii bowl, Hawaii narrowly beat Houston 54 to 48 in a triple overtime game. Houston had been talking trash to the Hawaii team all game and then in the third overtime when Hawaii kept Houston from converting on a fourth down the Hawaii players rushed the field to celebrate. Houston and Hawaii then spent some time swinging helmets, kicking, and punching each other.
  10. Angry Duck Mascot. This is one of the 10 best college football fights but instead of involving the players it involves the mascots. The Oregon Duck mascot attacked the cougar mascot of Houston. The Duck mascot whipped some major butt. The Oregon duck mascot was suspended for his violence. The video is on YouTube and has made millions of people laugh at the fighting spirit in the Oregon Duck mascot.
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