10 Best College Football Hits

When you think about the 10 best college football hits, what immediately comes into mind?  Brutality, uncontrollable force, and the afterthought on how these players could survive such tremendous force might be some of those that are the first to pop into your head.  These hits are what will mold them into much more intense players and will feed further their invincibility.  These are the plays that will make them or break them in the eyes of scouts who can give them that once-in-a-lifetime shot at immortality in the NFL. 

  1. Louisiana State versus Alabama November 11, 2006 – A classic example on why the quarterbacks always get premium pay  With his team safely ahead 28-14, LSU’s LaRon Landry comes barreling down in a well-timed safety blitz to completely decimate Alabama’s QB John Parker Wilson. 
  2. Boise State versus Idaho State August 30, 2008 – In a botched passing play, Idaho State’s Russell Hill finds out the hard way why it is so wrong for a quarterback to think that going out of bounds would be the safest of alternatives. Boise State’s Jeron Johnson, smelling blood, runs straight into Hill mercilessly, just like a freight train would against a stalled car.
  3. Texas A&M versus Texas Christian University November 7, 1991 – A&M defenses are known as the “Wrecking Crew”. TCU’s Kyle McPherson knew about it a little too late. After receiving the snap pass, McPherson thought he was in the clear when out of nowhere A&M’s Quentin Coryatt takes him down in one of college football’s most brutal hits to date. The post-diagnosis?  McPherson’s jaw broken into two places and Coryatt immortalized by “The Hit”.
  4. Florida State versus University of North Carolina August 30, 2003 – Just when everyone all thought that the 10 best college football hits would be dominated by the defenses stopping the opposing offense cold, we find Greg Jones of FSU pasting UNC’s Dexter Reid. In Reid’s futile attempt to stop Jones, we see Jones swatting Reid aside, sending the latter’s helmet onto the field.
  5. Clemson versus Boston College September 24, 2005 – In a sequence reminiscent of Adam Sandler’s football film “Waterboy”, Boston College’s QB Matt Ryan experiences what it feels like to be “tattooed” as Clemson’s David Dunham tackles him with so much savage force; it literally sends his helmet flying.
  6. Michigan State versus Wisconsin September 29, 2008 – Always pay attention at where you’re headed. This is the lesson Wisconsin’s Kyle Jefferson learned the hard way when Michigan State’s Nehemiah Warrick introduced himself via a bone-jarring hit that left Jefferson dazed and wondering what just happened.
  7. Florida versus University of Miami September 5, 1987 – With a solid hit to the torso area, Jarvis Williams of Florida, delivered a spine-tingling stop on UM’s Melvin Bratton that ended having the latter unconscious. Dubbed as the tackle that echoed across the country, it was the first defensive stop that was given the official title of “The Hit”.
  8. Houston versus Tulane September 28, 2006 – When Houston’s Phillip Hunt went crashing into Joe Kemp of Tulane, he obviously wasn’t paying attention to the referees who were blowing their whistles dry to signal a violation. The ensuing crushing hit left Kemp a broken collarbone while Hunt got away with it with no more than just a slap on the wrist.
  9. Ohio State University versus Auburn January 1, 1990 – To signal the New Year, Zack Dumas of Ohio put on a fireworks show himself as he unloaded the full force of a tackle against a hapless Stacy Danley of Auburn in what is considered one of the best hits in college football history.
  10. Maryland versus Cal September 13, 2008 – You know a hit will land in the ten best lists if the recipient ends up regurgitating what he had for lunch, breakfast and last night’s dinner combined. When Maryland’s Kevin Barnes ran a full-speed tackle against Cal’s Jahvid Best, Best had to be assisted off the field when he began to throw up after being brought down by one of the most vicious college football hits in history.
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