10 Best College Football Plays

Some have nicknames and others are just memorable, but all the ten best college football plays present moments no one will ever forget. Whether it is a team racing through the band or a player making an improbable race to glory, these college football plays are engrained in the psyche of football fans everywhere.

  1. California vs. Stanford (1982) – This is the college football play that people will always mention whenever anyone brings up the most memorable moments in the history of any sport. With four seconds left and down by one, California took the kickoff and completed five laterals, racing into the end zone for the game winning touchdown. Kevin Moen had to dodge members of the Stanford marching band, who had entered the field before the game was over.
  2. BC vs. Miami (1984) – Regardless of anything he accomplished in his professional career, Doug Flutie will always be known for one college football play. Boston College trailed Miami 45-41 and, with time running out, Flutie launched a 48-yard bomb. Somehow, the ball drifted over the Miami defenders and into the hands of Gerald Phelan to give BC the win over No. 1 Miami in the Orange Bowl.
  3. Boise State vs. Oklahoma (2006) – The University of Oklahoma played in four National Championship games from 2000-2010. Boise State possessed one of the best winning percentages of any team over the same period. In 2006, Boise State proved they deserved to play with the big boys when they called the gutsy Statue of Liberty play in overtime to defeat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl, 43-42.
  4. Texas vs. USC (2006) – With nineteen seconds remaining, USC led Texas 38-33. Texas faced a fourth down and knew this was their last chance to beat USC for the National Championship. Young scrambled and scored his third touchdown of the game to give Texas the lead. He added a two-point conversion to put Texas up 41-38.
  5. Colorado vs. Michigan (1994) – With six seconds remaining, Kordell Stewart lined up, his team down 26-21. Stewart backed up, had plenty of time, and launched the ball 70-yards down the field. Michael Westbrook caught it in the end zone as time expired and Colorado won 27-21.
  6. BYU vs. SMU (1981) – BYU was losing 45-25 and scored three touchdowns in the final three minutes. Jim McMahan capped off the comeback with an amazing 60-yard touchdown pass to receiver Clay Brown with sixteen seconds remaining.
  7. Georgia vs. Florida (1980) – Florida led Georgia 21-20 with just over a minute to play in the game. On third down, Georgia found themselves pinned on their own seven with little chance for success. Buck Belue took the snap and rolled out before hitting Lindsay Scott with a pass over the middle. Somehow, Scott broke two tackles and completed a 93-yard touchdown play to put Georgia up for good 26-21.
  8. Kentucky vs. LSU (2002) – Kentucky led LSU 30-27 with two seconds remaining. LSU quarterback Marcus Randall launched a Hail Mary but it came nowhere close to the end zone. Kentucky broke out in celebration except for one small problem. LSU receiver Devery Henderson caught the ball on the fifteen yard line, broke a tackle and ran in for the game winning touchdown.
  9. Nebraska vs. Florida (1996) – This college football play does not involve last second heroics or a come-from-behind win. This play is simply a breathtaking play of beauty. Nebraska beat Florida 62-24 in the Fiesta Bowl, but quarterback Tommie Frazier proved to be a highlight reel. The biggest play was a 75-yard touchdown run where he broke at least six tackles on his way to the end zone.
  10. USC vs. Notre Dame (2005) – When USC beat Notre Dame in 2005, the winning college football play remains mired in controversy. Notre Dame led 31-28 and Matt Leinart led his team to the goal line. Lienart called a sneak but Notre Dame stopped him on the goal line. Then, Reggie Bush gave Lienart a push into the end zone for the touchdown and a USC win.
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