10 Best College Football Stadiums

When thinking about the 10 Best College Football Stadiums, you kind of have to think about everything that comes with the stadium—the structure, the atmosphere, the fans and definitely the school! So, get your tailgating gear and get ready for the game as we list America's 10 Best College Football Stadiums that will have you wishing every day was game day.

  1. Penn State's– Beaver Stadium. Say what you will about Penn States football team but Beaver Stadium aka-Happy Valley is no joke. With a capacity of 107,282 occupants, Happy Valley is the second largest stadium in college football.  If your team can withstand the white-outs, the black-outs and an enormous fan base who is passionate about Nittany Lion football, then they definitely deserve the "W" on game day.
  2. Ohio State's– Ohio Stadium. One of college football's most recognizable stadiums aka,The Horseshoe, tops out at 102,329 seats. If you have never been to an OSU game in Columbus you must do so at some point in life. Ohio State shows you exactly what Big Ten football is all about with a fan base all over the country. Hope you have a red shirt because every OSU fan in the stadium will be wearing red also.
  3. University of Michigan's– Michigan Stadium. If you love tradition and everything college has to offer, visiting Michigan Stadium or, The Big House, should be a priority on your list of things to do.  After new renovations The Big House will seat over 108,000 fans and house 83 suites and an extra 3,200 club seats that are extra wide and give more leg room. Don't forget your ear plugs because Michigan fans love to get loud and will shake the seat you sit in!
  4. Louisiana State's– Tiger Stadium. With a seating capacity of 92,400 and a nickname like Death Valley one can only imagine what it sounds like in there. We have heard that during some games the decibel level exceeds 120 decibels, that is insane!
  5. University of Florida's– Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. With the largest stadium in the state of Florida, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium or as it is called,The Swamp, is home to 88,548 seats. It may not be the biggest in the country but it is definitely by far one of the most fun stadiums in the country. While some schools are freezing in temps around the 30's and 40's, Florida fans are still wearing tank tops and shorts to their games.
  6. University of Iowa's– Kinnick Stadium.  In a state with no pro football teams, the fans of the Iowa Hawkeyes bleed black and gold, and sell out their over 70,000 seated stadium every home game. Many football players from opposing teams say that Kinnick Stadium is one of the toughest places to play in because the fans seem as though they are literally right on top of the field. If that wasn't enough, the opposing team has to deal with a pink locker room before they play in a hostile environment.
  7. University of Alabama's– Bryant-Denny Stadium. Ever experience a "Roll-Tide" in person?  No? Visit Bryant-Denny Stadium on game day to experience 92,138 fans screaming in a sea of Crimson that will almost make your ears bleed.
  8. University of California's– The Rose Bowl. The Rose bowl is probably the most notable stadium on this list of 10 best college football stadiums. While Cal plays here every home game Saturday, the Rose Bowl is also host of the BCS game, The Rose Bowl, held every New Years Day. With a capacity of 91,136 and one of the only college stadiums that sells alcoholic beverages, The Rose Bowl gets our vote.
  9. University of Nebraska's– Memorial Stadium. 81,067 fans screaming in a venue called "Sea of Red" doesn't sound fun for the visiting team. The Corn Huskers are on to something and its called loud fun.
  10. University of Wisconsin's– Camp Randall Stadium. With 80,321 fans wearing red and an ugly mascot named Buckey running around, Camp Randall Stadium is one of the loudest stadiums in college football. Get ready for game day because Madison knows how to bring it!
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