10 Best College Football Teams Of All Time

The 10 best college football teams of all time features the best of the best. Each of these schools is deserving of their spot on our list because of their excellence on the field, their traditions, and their ability to produce players that succeed at the college and professional levels. In no particular order, here’s our top 10 best college football teams of all time!

  1. “Notre Dame – The Fighting Irish” Notre Dame’s success as a college football team begins with their deep-rooted faith in Catholicism and hard work. While they’re been less-successful as a football team in the past couple of years, they certainly deserve a spot on our list of top 10 best college football teams because of their past success and national championships.
  2. “Michigan – Wolverines” The Wolverines are one of the most historically successful teams on our list. Michigan has produced numerous national championships in their tenure as a successful football team. Not only are the Wolverines successful in the college rank, but they’ve produced plenty of excellent pro players including Tom Brady.
  3. “Nebraska – Cornhuskers” Until recently, Nebraska was a forgotten superpower in the college ranks. But they’ve recently rebounded despite their Big Ten Championship lost to Oklahoma. Nebraska has numerous national championships, multiple undefeated seasons, and an array of historic players that have gone on to be successful at the next level.
  4. “Miami – Hurricanes” Formerly hailing from the Big East, the ‘Canes are a historic program that defined the Orange Bowl Era in college football. Not only are they a widely-successful college program, but they’ve sent players of the quality of Ray Lewis to the NFL.
  5. “Oklahoma – Sooners” This team is another worthy team on our 10 best college football teams of all time. Not only are Sooner alumni widely successful in the pros, but they also played excellent ball during their college days, earning Oklahoma various national championships and bowl wins.
  6. "Alabama – Crimson Tide” The Crimson Tide has enjoyed some recent success in the past years which shouldn’t be a surprise, considering they are arguably the Kentucky of college basketball in the football arena. Under the tenure of Nick Saban, Alabama has been on the hunt in recent years. ‘Bama has various national titles and players that have gone on to be very successful at the next level.
  7. “Ohio State – Buckeyes” Hailing from the Big Ten, Ohio State has enjoyed success that few teams can match. Not only do they consistently produce big games, names, and championships at the college level, but they send a vast bulk of their stars to the NFL for further successes.
  8. “Florida State – Seminoles” The Seminoles, rebounding after their mediocre performances of past seasons, have enjoyed recent success under their new head coach but also under Bowden’s guidance. Bowden, hailing from WVU in the late 70’s, turned Florida State into a successful program, who competed with other successful programs. Like many of the other teams on this list, FSU players have been successful at college and pro levels.
  9. “Texas – Long Horns” Just like many of the teams on this list, Long Horn athletes are very successful at both the pro and college levels. While Texas has recently faltered, they’ve also been very success in the past few years by continually competing for the title each year. Texas also has a storied history with plenty of championships and bowls to their credit.
  10. “USC – Trojans” Sneaking in it at the final stop, beating out such worthy contenders as Virginia Tech, UCLA, and Florida, is USC. USC has enjoyed recent success by dominating the college scene. While they have faltering seasons, USC is a historic franchise that has sent such big names as Mark Sanchez and Troy Polamalu to the next level. Look for USC to regain their winning ways and compete again with the other teams on this list
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