10 Best College Party Towns

When thinking about the 10 best college party towns you have to consider a few things. The first thing you have to think about is the bar and club scene. The second would be the amount of parties and places to party and the third thing, of course, is sports venues. Sports, you ask?  Tailgating at college sporting events can lead to the hottest partying around!  So sit back and see if your school is considered one of the best partying college towns around.

  1. Tempe, Arizona–home of Arizona State University. With over 68,000 students stretched over four campuses through out the greater Phoenix area you can be sure there is fun to be had.  With sunshine nearly every day of the year ASU in Tempe  ranks number one on our ten Best College Party Towns.
  2. Madison, Wisconsin–home of The University of Wisconsin. Madison is one crazy party especially during football season.  State Street in Madison is loaded with college bars and many places to eat. Whether you are there for school, to party or just to visit someone you know, you'll walk away from the experience very very happy, or quite possibly crawling.
  3. Iowa City, Iowa–home of The University of Iowa. I know you are thinking to yourself, "How can Iowa be fun?" Iowa City is home of the Iowa Hawkeyes and they have the ultimate college campus. During football season the streets and yards around Kinnick Stadium are filled with drunk college co-eds.  Downtown Iowa City is located right in the middle of the campus with a four-block radius of nothing but bars and clubs (more than 52 within one mile, to be exact.) Be careful of the police too; you'll get slapped with an alcohol under the legal age ticket if you are under the age of 21 in the bars, 19 to get in!
  4. Austin, Texas–home of The University of Texas. Hook'em horns! All we have to say is sixth street. (You'll thank us later.)
  5. Gainesville, Florida–home of The University of Florida.  Gainesville made our top ten college towns to party for the simple reason that there are just so many hot girls there. Not to mention they are usually good at every sport. Being good at sports equals always having a reason to party.
  6. University Park, Pennsylvania–home of Penn State University. With a whopping 92,000 students going crazy in University Park, you can almost bet you will find a party to go to. Football season is surely the time to visit, where you will hear "WE ARE, PENN STATE" coming from every bar and house around. University Park is also known as Happy Valley. It's no wonder everyone is happy with a never ending supply of fun and parties.
  7. Athens, Georgia–home of The University of Georgia. Athens is built primarily around their college, and they know how to party. The Frat and Sorority scene is second to none and it is what southern partying is all about. Athens is also a mere hour and a half from Atlanta which means there is more fun to be had all around!
  8. Knoxville, Tennessee–home of The University of Tennessee. What else would you do in Knoxville aside from party?  Knoxville and UT definitely know how to start a party.  During football season and any other time of the year Knoxville can hold their own. While the men are southern gents and the women seem to be easy, (let's face it most great college towns have the best girls) go out, hook up and remember UT does it better.
  9. Columbus, Ohio–Home of Ohio State University. Oh, the buckeye city. These people love to party so much they follow their school every where it goes just to party. Ever meet a buckeye fan? Most are friendly and most are drunk. It's the perfect combo for a night of hot messes to be had.
  10. Baton Rouge, Louisiana–home of Louisiana State University. Geaux Tigers is like a religion in Louisiana. Much like drinking bourbon and whiskey is in Baton Rouge. Drunk chicks all over the place, that is enough reason for any man to head down into Tiger land.
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