10 Best Colorado Rock Climbing Spots

Colorado is a virtual gold mine for rock climbing, and the 10 Best Colorado Rock Climbing Spots are all unique in so many different ways. The best Colorado rock climbing spots are not just for the advanced climber, there are places for the family, solitude, and extreme climbing.

  1. Rocky Mountain National Park- Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the best Colorado rock climbing spots because it is not only a good climbing destination but a good family destination. It offers routes from beginner to advanced and everything in between. Since the park is a short jaunt from Denver this can be made into a great one day trip for you or the whole family.
  2. The Ironclads Range– When picking a place with a lot of options, Ironclads comes into mind. From short to long trails, it has it all. The Ironclads are located just beyond Allenspark, and is a high altitude climb. Pure granite slabs and faces make this an enjoyable yet technical climb. The only drawback is the separation between trails, it will require a four wheel drive vehicle, and plenty of patience dealing with other people. The many options that Ironclads gives its many visitors rank it among the best Colorado rock climbing spots.
  3. Rifle Mountain Park- Arguably the most famous climbing destination in the country, Rifle Mountain Park has an extensive selection of the most beautiful limestone walls in the state. The only drawback to the area is the lack of trails for the beginners and moderate climbers. This is a hardcore rock climbing spot in Colorado for the serious climber.
  4. Boulder Canyon- The area of Boulder Canyon is a very interesting climbing area because it varies from classic, technical, and ice climbing. With so many different activities year round this is a great destination to climb at any time of the year. Since there is a little bit of something for everyone in Boulder Canyon, it is considered one of the best Colorado rock climbing spots.
  5. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park This is a true adventure destination for the serious climber. The Black Canyon offers some of the most intense vertical climbs in the country. The Painted Wall in the canyon is most vertical wall in the state of Colorado with a height of 2,250 ft. The Black Canyon is not a destination for a beginner, and climbing information is hard to find. Since its for the most extreme climbers in the country, it is among the best Colorado rock climbing spots.
  6. Naturita Crags- The climber looking for solitude and free camping can find themselves at home in the Naturita Crags. The Naturita Crags are located in Southwest Colorado and has amazing sandstone landscapes. The weather is good year round, which makes this one of the best Colorado rock climbing spots year round.
  7. Taylor Canyon– Climbing in Taylor Canyon is limited to mostly tradition climbing, but the area is absolutely breathtaking. The rocks are not as big as many places and climbing space is limited, but its a superb place for a family vacation or for a person who just wants to try climbing. There are a few guide services that will get children on the walls and safely show them how to have a good time. Between the accessibility and other activities for the entire family, this is one of the top tier places to climb in Colorado.
  8. Garden of the Gods– Garden of the Gods is a great destination for technical and bouldering climbers. The park does not allow scrambling or sport repelling, but because of easy access to the park and its natural beauty, it ranks among the best Colorado rock climbing spots.
  9. Independence Pass– Independence Pass ranks among the best Colorado rock climbing spots because of the adversity and scenery. The wall offers everything from traditional climbing to bouldering. The approaches are short, and its the perfect destination for climbers looking to climb in an alpine setting.
  10. Cheyenne Canyon– Located in Colorado Springs, Cheyenne Canyon is the perfect place to climb after a day of work or for a starting child. Not to mention Cheyenne Creek is the perfect climbing music.
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