10 Best Comedic Monologues

There are many talented stand-up comedians, and the list below features four with the 10 best comedic monologues that are available through the web or for purchase. The comedians that are featured below are Rita Rudner, George Carlin, Dennis Miller, Kathy Griffin, and Bill Crosby. Check out their work (you will not be disappointed!) if you are seeking pure and guaranteed entertainment.     

  1. "Live from Las Vegas" Rita Rudner entertains her audience with a must-see comedic monologue. One of the memorable quotes from the Vegas show is, "A woman was sun bathing and Rita could tell she was done because her belly button popped-up." 
  2. “Born to Be Mild.” Rudner delivers non-stop comedy about her observations on everyday life, for instance, "I got a slow cooker and I'm cooking a dinner for the year 2000." Rita, a talented performer, has an incredible ability to manipulate her audience with a subtle, non-forced humor through comedic monologue.
  3. “Married Without Children.” In this 1995 HBO Comedy Hour special, Rita’s unique style afforded her rave reviews by critics and enabled her to conquer the stand-up stage. A memorable quote from the "Married Without Children" special was "I think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. They've experienced pain and bought jewelry."
  4. “Airplane Safety.” George Carlin delivers a stellar performance with one of the best comedic monologues. Carlin presents and examines various terms which includes near-miss and non-stop flight explanations. The near-miss is really a collision, what they really mean to say is a near-hit. The non-stop flight announcement is also not exactly what you expect to hear on a flight from one destination to another.    
  5. “Stuff.” George Carlin’s monologue is about the importance of “stuff” in our lives. Memorable parts of the monologue that are really funny include when he talks about needing a place for our stuff. He also talks about how when we go on vacation, we always have to take some of our stuff. Carlin truly captures his audience with this classic comedic monologue. 
  6. “Common Experiences.” George Carlin discusses the things that we all have in common. Minor things that we all overlook are indeed the funniest. For instance, have you ever found yourself standing in a room and not sure why you were standing there? His ability to deliver a comedic monologue is outrageously entertaining.
  7. "Phrases and Sayings.” This is George Carlin’s talks about phrases and sayings that are often spoken. For example, he takes on the expression "legally drunk." He says that if you're legally drunk, you should not be stopped for drunk driving. He also includes the saying "he takes the cake," asking where does he take the cake. Carlin delivers a stellar performance, and his audience is favorably amused with his perfect comic relief execution.
  8.  “Hoarders.” Kathy Griffin began performing in the 1980’s as a stand-up comedian in Los Angeles. She manages to deliver a lively and amusing routine in this monologue. A funny part is when Kathy talks about when the psychotherapist lets the hoarder decide which items, and how many, to throw away.
  9.  “Single Life.” Dennis Miller’s rant on single life is quite funny. For example, he talks about how the average male often hears "Pull the car over asshole, I'm walking" in his daily life. Dennis has a unique style and he presents his comedic routine with elegance. 
  10. “GrandParents.” Bill Crosby is a veteran stand-up comedian. His quick wit and delivery is excellent. Some of his funniest material is, for example, is when he talks about his parents and his childhood. His mother kisses every child and Crosby kids just think she is the best grandmother, but Crosby tells the kids she is not the same person he grew up with; she is an old person who is trying to get into heaven. 

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