10 Best Comedy Movie Monologues

We all have our favorite comedy movie monologues, which are parts within a movie when an actor delivers a funny and very memorable performance. Here is a list of 10 best comedy movie monologues ever heard.

  1. "Monty Python and the Holy Grail." Anyone who has ever seen this movie knows how funny it is. John Cleese delivers some of his best lines as “Tim, the Enchanter”. One monologue in particular comes to mind as Tim introduces himself to the movie in a speech that makes very little sense but is still hilarious.
  2. "Animal House." One of the best monologues ever is Bluto’s speech to encourage everyone against the other fraternities. At first the rally fails to motivate, but when his frat brother "Otter" jumps in to support him, chaos ensues for most of the movie.
  3. "National Lampoon's Vacation."  Set in 1983, this movie has Chevy Chase as the main actor. A great monologue is delivered when he argues with his family's complaints of the trip in an attempt to inspire them. In reality he simply begins to realize he's gone crazy and just wants to see Marty Moose.
  4. "Nine to Five." This is still one of the best movies ever starring actresses such as Dolly Parton an Jane Fonda. One of the best comedy movie monologues is given by Dolly Parton when talking to her boss in a way that almost everyone with a scummy boss has fantasized about.
  5. "Groundhog Day." Anyone who has ever seen this movie will know the lines delivered by Bill Murray to “Rita” The speeches he uses to try to win her heart are hilarious. A fan favorite is delivered on the very last "repeat" day Bill's character has to endure – even the women will love it.
  6. "Planes, Trains and Automobiles." Steve Martin and John Candy are well known as hilarious actors. When they team up for this film, several of the funniest comedy movie monologues are born. One of the best is when Del (John Candy) says how much he hates talkative people and goes on for about five minutes.
  7. "The Full Monty." One of the best comedies about steelworkers who have been forced to turn to working as male strippers. The exchange between Gerald and Gaz and the Job Club elicits a great and succint monologue by Gaz.
  8. "TOOTSIE." Dustin Hoffman is quite known for his monologues and does not disappoint in this film. Just try not to laugh too hard as he speaks of his prowess of acting like vegetables!
  9. "Bachelor Party." This movie has one of the most amusing and irreverent monologues delivered by Tom Hanks in his "Thank you for being Catholic" speech to a bus of children.
  10. "History of the World, Part I."  The best monologue of this movie begins with a moving speech made by the leader of the Senate of Rome, in which he questions whether they should be doing more to help the poor, but the response from the senate is was really makes this scene a gem.
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