10 Best Coming Of Age Movies For Boys

There are two ways to teach a boy about the birds and the bees and one of them includes knowing the 10 Best Coming of Age Movies for Boys. You can either sit him down and have an uncomfortable conversation with him that he is going to completely ignore or you can sit him down in front of the television and let John Hughes do the talking for you.

  1. "Fast Times At Ridgemont HIgh." If you were a boy growing up in the eighties you can't help but remember the scene where Phoebe Cates comes out of the pool in slow motion. This is a classic high school flick that stands the test of time. From Spicoli to the the infamous carrot scene in the school cafeteria "Fast Times" is the ultimate coming of age flick. This movie gave Sean Penn his first big role and for that we are eternally grateful.
  2. "Weird Science." What boy wouldn't want to create the perfect woman? This male fantasy is right up there with finding a million dollars in a briefcase and shooting the game winner at the buzzer to win the NBA title. You cannot help rooting for these hapless nerds. This movie also gives teenage comedies some of the best villains ever in Robert Downey Jr. as the swarmy popular guy and Bill Paxton as Wyatt's militant older brother Chet.
  3. "Dazed and Confused." This is the coming of age movie most loved by our friends who like to chill on the couch and eat munchies all day. The hero's name is Randall 'Pink' Floyd and Matthew McConaughey is awesome as the older cool guy who's character is summed up by the quote, "  That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age."
  4. "Breakfast Club." The jock, the princess, the stoner, and the basket case. Nothing more needs to be said on this subject and we'll see you Saturday in detention.
  5. "Stand By Me." You wouldn't think a movie with this much dialogue would be so resounding with young boys but "Stand By Me" is truly the original male bonding movie. Who knew going to find a dead body could be so inspirational?
  6. "The Wackness." Like the main character Luke Shapiro this movie got no love in the beginning but ended up being a cult classic. You want Shapiro to get the girl so bad you barely even notice how annoying Mary-Kate Olson's overacting is.
  7. "Say Anything." This movie boasts one of the most recognizable images in film history. To this day girls swoon at the sight of John Cusack holding that boom box above his head blaring Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" to win back his girl. He set the romance bar so high for the average guy that anything less is usually met by a deaf ear. 
  8. "Sixteen Candles." John Hughes second entry on the list is close to being a little too girly but so hilarious that you cannot help but forgive this indiscretion. This is also Anthony Michael Hall's third movie on this list as the geek so he pretty much goes down in history as the best geek ever! 
  9. "Almost Famous." This movie is so cool and fulfills so many teen fantasies that even though there are other coming of age flicks that may be better "Almost Famous" makes the cut on sheer coolness alone.
  10. "Star Wars." This last movie is a rather unconventional pick, yet has all the elements of a great coming of age movie. You've got restless youth on the verge of self discovery, a villain worthy of both your hate and admiration, and most of all unrequited love in the form of Princess Lea. Yes, the dead parents are a downer and Princess Lea ends up being his sister but who cares? You've got robots, lightsabers, and spaceships so "Star Wars" is making the list at number ten and anyone that thinks otherwise is crazy!
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