10 Best Coming Of Age Movies

Certain movies are meant to touch viewers and when it comes to the 10 best coming of age movies, these are the top of the list. The transition from childhood into adulthood is a very emotional time and these coming of age movies tell it like it is.

  1. "Heathers" Released in 1989, the comedy is about four high school girls in a clique who rule the school in every aspect. Three of the coming of age girls are named Heather. The popular girls are more feared than liked and the movie portrays the girls' malicious behavior as one of the "Heathers" dies.
  2. "Breaking Away" Imagine four recent high school graduate boys trying to find out what the meaning of life is. The film was a huge success and prompted a television series. Unfortunately the television didn't have as much success as the movie. In 2008, this film was named eighth of the most aspiring movies ever produced.
  3. "The Goonies" Ignore the title because it's a classic film. Teenage boys goes in search of One-Eyed Willy underground in order to save the neighborhood. In the process the boys come across illegal activity and use brain-smarts to get through the incidents. Since its release in 1985, "The Goonies" have gained a cult-like following of past and present generations.
  4. "Mermaids" Starring Cher as a flamboyant woman raising two sexual inquisitive daughters. Mrs. Flax and oldest daughter Charlotte fighting over the same man. Only Cher can pull this off so perfectly in this coming of age film.
  5. "Sixteen Candles" In 1984, it was all about the Brat Pack and this movie with Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall is a classic of the best of coming of age movies. Forgotten on her sixteenth birthday Ringwald's character deals with her infatuation of Mr. Popular Senior in High School. The film is full of hilarious, one-of-a-king characters and a must see.
  6. "Stand By Me" This 1986 adventure film is about four forgotten teenage boys and a quest to find a dead body.  The set out to find the body and discover more about each other in the process. Every man watching this movie can relate to the boys' pain, suffering and self-discoveries.
  7. "My Girl" This 1991 hit drama film is listed as one of the best coming of age movies because it begins with young love's first kiss and the final farewell between two best friends of the opposite sex. From starting her first menstrual cycle to her best friend dying from a bee sting, the movie touches every emotion.
  8. "The Sandlot" This 1993 is every boys' dream. Baseball and summer. It takes place in 1962 when a new boy moves to town and tries to make friends. The boys bond over America's classic sport and the "Beast" who lives next to the sandlot.
  9. "Say Anything" A 1989 romantic film about an average Joe goes after Miss Popularity. Both main characters suffer from social deficiencies and this film is known as a modern day romance. Who can forget the classic moment when John Cusack's character stands outside Ione Skye's window with the boom box.
  10. "The Breakfast Club" The Brat Pack returns with the ultimate coming of age movie in 1985. The stereotypes displayed in the movie still hold true today. The movie has become a classic cult hit with every generation identifying with one of the characters in the film.
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