10 Best Coming Of Age Sex Scenes

Sit down, turn on your TV and enjoy these 10 best coming of age sex scenes that are waiting for you. If you want to relax by remembering those good ol' teenage years, prepare to watch some fun and hot sex scenes featured in these teen adventures.

  1. “American Pie” This movie is all about having sex for the first time. Five guys are involved in a journey to manhood. It’s fun when you have had sex and then wake up next to a toy dinosaur, or maybe upload a video on the internet after having had a lap dance. Good times.
  2. “Revenge Of The Nerds” So acclaimed back in the 80’s for so many reasons, you can also find fun sex scenes here, which will make you laugh all over the place. Nerds don’t have great sex appeal, but when it comes to lovemaking, they just can’t be excluded.
  3. "Fierce People” For the fans of Kristen Stewart -who's also known for her role as Bella in the movie “Twilight”-, this coming of age scene can melt your inner desires and have you forget all about vampires. She is totally sexy here, in her must watch scene to burn down the house. Welcome to the tribe, boy.
  4. “The O.C.” Inside this TV series, you can always find the hot Marissa Cooper in a kinky sex scene with her boyfriend Luke. That meant a big step for her, settling into a more mature relationship. It was a great excuse to watch and lust after her delicious body.
  5. “Ken Park” This movie may have an underage flag, but everything here is totally legal. It features more than one way to portray coming of age situations, with many sex scenes, all with twisting attitudes. If you like movies with a great sense of anarchy, go for it.
  6. “Porky’s” Another teen classic to laugh at until you die. Remember the sexy bomb Kim Cattrall from “Sex and The City”? Well, here she plays the gorgeous gym teacher. So, she wants to put some students through high temperature tests. No one is against that for sure. Good sex scene Kim!
  7. “Poison Ivy” A poisonous coming of age film with great scenes with Drew Barrymore. Well, what can’t be said about these actresses is that they all have awesome bodies and make their sex scenes with convincing acting. Sometimes, you will forget it’s only a movie.
  8. “The Blue Lagoon” More than a naughty movie, it’s a tender love scene between the main characters living in an isolated island. A truly coming of age reference for anyone who feels that it shows “dreamy” romantic scenes between teens. This movie reeks of innocence and loneliness.
  9. “The Inbetweeners” Yes, to set the mood next time you start talking about your mom. That’s totally awkward, but it all ended in a funny sex scene. By the way, if you have sex, please take off your glasses and socks too. Don't miss out on the “Girlfriend” episode.
  10. “The Last American Virgin” This movie is a good remake of Israeli movie “Eskimo Limon,” the popsicle teen film. Well, you know what happens next when you deliver pizza to a hot girl? Obviously, unpredictable sex. It’s like eating before engaging in physical exercise. 
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