10 Best Computer Careers

The ten best computer careers require a bit of training in information technology and a mission to find a job in the industry. Using the term "best" may mean the job pays top dollar, but there's more to work than money, at least for some people. Best may also reference a job you love or a job that challenges your intellect. The career field of computer science offers a number of careers offering big bucks, many that challenge your gray matter and some that just may do both.

  1. Software programmer, aka software engineer. This best computer career works with designing using computer languages. Since the field is fast moving and languages come and go, you'll need to be on your game to work as a programmer. Study fast because your programming skills may soon be obsolete. This job is for quick studies and folks who like working with details. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that this job field will be the fastest growing of any area in the information technology career field until 2018. 
  2. Computer repair staff. Computer careers in repair also pay well, not necessarily for repairing individual computers, but for working on sharing and main frames. You'll need at least a two-year degree for this job, and many career professionals have trade school degrees. 
  3. Geek assistant. Working as a computer geek assistant pays a decent salary, but not the top wage for the computer field. Assistants typically work with the same business as a general consultant. 
  4. Game designer or gaming consultant. Gamers are one of the few computer career category that uses workers without college or technical degrees. If you have the ace gaming skills, you're a sought after hiree for many major companies. You can shop your talents and sell to the highest employer bidder. 
  5. Online writer, aka content producer for sites with little actual writing going on. Writers work with companies and freelance to create the content for websites. Pay is typically low, but the upside to these jobs is you can sit in your pajamas and work with your favorite film on the telly. 
  6. Data miner, aka researcher or insight researcher. Researchers and data miners collect information on people to be used by companies to market products. Quality data mining services usually charge the businesses a fortune and pay the workers standard hourly salaries. You won't get rich here, but if you're personable, you may be able to start your own business and hire entry-level workers. 
  7. Professional hacker for good. The government and large corporations hire hackers to find back doors and entryways into their software programs. Experienced hackers earn top dollar, but need to make a statement to be known. Some hackers have been recruited after court appearances or jail terms. It's a tough way to get noticed, but if you already have a record for hacking, it's a resume builder. 
  8. Hardware designer, formally known as computer hardware engineer. Hardware workers cover the gamut from case, display and keyboard design. Think Apple and you have the range of design possibilities. Workers typically come to jobs with bachelor degrees. 
  9. Graphic designer. Graphic designers add the eye candy to websites. Animation, graphic design, layout art and photography skills are needed for this best computer career area. 
  10. Spy dude or dudette geek, aka industry consultant. This job pays well to skilled spies with the talent, as well as the discretion to keep secret what you discover. You'll also need to be an expert in the specialized computer area and be able to sleuth others and report back to your boss. Salaries for this area are based on your personal negotiation skills. 
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