10 Best Computer Games Of All Time

First emerging in the 1970's, PC gaming has become a full blown entertainment medium worthy of countless "10 Best Computer Games of All Time" lists. Of course, there have been more than 10 sure-fire-hits to grace the personal computer, but there are ten games that, no matter what games come out, will always stand the test of time as the best ever.  If this list isn't enough, get a load of more of these best technology videos!

  1. "Half-Life: The Orange Box" Possibly the greatest compilation of games ever created, "Half-Life 2" would earn this spot on its accord, even without the other included titles. Valve's polish was all over every aspect of these games and will be forever remembered for the countless hours of attention it consumed when it first released to the masses.
  2. "Starcraft" Spawning a professional gaming league in Korea, Starcraft had an impact on the gaming industry previously unseen upon its release. Blizzard's excellent balancing between the three factions (Terran, Zerg, Protoss) and multiplayer map editor created a game that still sold hundreds of copies a decade after its release.
  3. "World of Warcraft" Regardless if you like it or not, many gamers would be hard pressed not to respect what the Blizzard Entertainment developed MMORPG has done for the gaming industry. Bringing in subscribers who don't even consider themselves gamers, World of Warcraft is a fully functioning world that has caused many to ignore the world they actually live in.
  4. "Fallout" Features like player decisions, believable characters, and strong character customization may sound like common phrases associated with games now, but Fallout was the first game to introduce these features to the masses. The Bethesda developed game's influences will be present in the video game trivia for decades, despite being released in 1997.
  5. "Sid Meier's Civilization IV" - The Fireaxis developed title was a turn-based strategy gamer's dream when it released in 2005. The title gave an unprecedented number of ways to interact with other leaders and featured more civilizations and leaders than any other Civilization incarnation.
  6. "Age of Empires II: Age of Kings" When developing the Age of Empires series, Ensemble Studios elected to skip a new, creative narrative and focus on creating fun and polished gameplay. The game focused on several civilizations, which were expanded in the expansion pack, and included dozens of features never before seen in an RTS, such as unit formations.
  7. "The Sims" Far from being a perfect game, the Maxis developed title gave users complete control of the life of a normal person. The concept seems oddly annoying, but the execution of the flagship title is amazingly addictive.
  8. "Diablo II" What many consider to be the first "free-to-play MMO," Diablo II found its place in the industry by "requiring" users to complete the campaign three times before fully being done with the game. The number 99 level cap, player versus player options, and gearing system allowed hours upon hours of gameplay, even if the looting system was slightly broken.
  9. "Star Wars Tie Fighter" The oldest game on this list, the LucasArts space combat title wowed critics and players alike with its breathtaking 3D graphics. The graphics have not withstand the test of time, of course, but the game's addictive flight combat has.
  10. "Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn" Bioware has made a name for itself by creating RPGs, but Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn may go down as their best. The compelling story and deep character development allowed for one of the most memorable PC RPGs of the entire 2000-2009 decade.



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