10 Best Computer Keyboards

There are many computer keyboards out there on the market today so it’s hard to find the 10 best computer keyboards. Everyone who has a computer knows that having a keyboard you like is very important.  Furthermore, watching top technology videos might lend more insight to your search for the perfect keyboard.

  1. Saitek Cyborg Gaming Keyboard For the big gamers, this keyboard will keep you on the up side of gaming with its many different programmable keys and its “Cyborg” mode to do away with modern day keys.
  2. Modtech Mini Flexible Keyboard With its flexibility this one can be folded up and put in your backpack and taken with you. If you’re caught out in the rain, no threat; it’s water resistant. That’s why this keyboard is one of the ten best computer keyboards.
  3. Logisys Streamline Illuminated keyboard This keyboard was created for those who like using their computers at night or in dark places. Its brightly lit keys make it easy to use when light is low.
  4. Keys-U-SeeKeyboard. This keyboard is rated in the top of the ten best computer keyboards for design, being for those who have a hard time seeing the keys. It has giant printed keys.
  5. Wolfking Worrior Keypad. It’s very unique circular design makes it’s one of a kind. For those gamers with open minds, this keypad is for you.
  6. Logitech Wireless Keyboard Logitech created the wireless keyboard to make it more efficient for those with large desks. This way you don’t have to buy extensions for your keyboard wire to reach the tower; you just plug the USB in and start typing. That put this Logitech model as one of the ten best computer keyboards out there.
  7. K2724 POS Keyboard This model is great for those who have their own companies. With its easy to use credit card reader this keyboard can increase your business.
  8. IBM Model M This keyboard makes a perfect replacement keyboard because of its compatibility with most computers.
  9. Chester Creek Readerboard Its giant printed keys makes it easy to use for all those with eye troubles. But with this one just about anyone can use. With that in mind it puts this keyboard on the list of the ten best computer keyboards.
  10. Razer Lycosa Mirror Special Edition Gaming Keyboard With each key having its own light, playing games has been taken to the next level. This keyboard is known worldwide by all the big-time gamers, and that puts this model as one of the ten best computer keyboards.
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