10 Best Convertible Car Seats

Learn about the 10 best convertible car seats for your little one. It's exciting when your girl or wife is expecting a baby. But, it can be tough figuring out what to buy for the newest arrival to your family. Children can grow out of a car seat in no time. They seem to go from helpless little bundles of joys with very little movement to non-stop track stars overnight. The convertible car seat is designed to be used as a backward sitting seat for babies under one years of age. They can be turned in the forward facing direction after a year old.  

  1. Cosco: Cosco is one of the cheapest brands on the market. Their products not only last until your child's at least three, their products are cost-efficient. The Scenera and Scenera 40F both are popular car seats. Cosco seats meet all safety standards and provide the 5-point harness system you need for newer cars.
  2. Graco: Graco is another fantastic brand of convertible child seats that make the grade for durability and reliability. You'll find them online and in many fine retailers. The ComfortSport models are some of the best on the market. They come with the 5-point harness system and meet all safety standards. They even come with head support for newborns.
  3. Eddie Bauer: Eddie Bauer brands are a lot more expensive than most car seats. The Bauer models of convertible car seats are more streamlined and elegant compared to Cosco or Graco. You'll find the standard 5-point harness system and safety measures, but the car seats provide more comfort to your baby. The padded seats have more cushion and support than regular seats. Check out Eddie Bauer at many fine retailers both online and in stores.
  4. Britax Boulevard: Britax is a great brand for serious buyers. This brand features a sturdy latch system as well as meets safety standards. It's sold online and comes in colors for boys and girls. It has a side impact protective design and provides the most innovative technology for safety.
  5. Combi Zeus 360: The Combi Zeus is not your average car seat. It has a unique design and rotates a complete 360 degrees. You're able to reach your baby from any direction. With other convertible seats, you have to remove them and re-install the entire car seat. With the Combi Zeus, you only need to turn it into the forward facing direction and lock it into place.  You'll find this cool car seat online.
  6. Safety 1st: Safety 1st has a good number of convertible car seats. One particular model is the Complete Air LX. This model is sleek and fits perfectly in your back seat. It comes with side impact protection and complete head support. As your child grows they'll feel comfortable with every car ride. The Complete Air meets all safety standards regulated by law. You'll rest easy when taking your baby out.
  7. Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL: This convertible car seat is larger than many of the brands out there. It comes with a larger head support for toddlers and a smaller one for babies. This seat goes beyond the standard 48 pound limit for growing kids. You don't have to change this seat once they reach that weight. Kids up to 80 pounds are quite comfortable in the Sunshine Kids Radian once it's changed to a big kid's seat.
  8. Maxi-Cosi Priori: The Maxi-Cosi Priori is more stream-lined than most car seats. This European brand comes in several colors, including red. It's stylish and a lot softer on your little one's bottoms. Although it's one of the better looking models, it follows all the safety standards.
  9. Recaro Signo G2: This Italian designed car seat features double head support. It comes in raspberry and midnight desert colors. You'll find that the innovative latch system meets all the safety standards for quality car seats.
  10. The First Years: This brand is another reliable, but cost-affordable brand. It's sold online and in retail stores. The First Years is a great starter for parents on a budget, but it still provides all the quality you'd expect for your child's car seat.
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