10 Best Cool Rap Lyrics

How can you find the ten best cool rap lyrics ever made. Finding the ten best cool rap lyrics ever made is an impossible feat simply because of the sheer numbers of awesome rap lyrics out there. People have been rapping since the mid 1970's, contributing cool rap lyrics to the Hip Hop culture. You have to check these out.

  1. "Beasts From The East" from "Love, Peace and Nappiness" (1997) by the Lost Boyz. This song will forever live in the Hip Hop hall of fame for one reason. Canibus. "Playin wit the mic is somethin i dont do, my only concern when I approach you is to roast you"
  2. "Protect Ya Neck" from "Enter the 36 Chambers" (1993) by Wu Tang Clan. Inspectah Deck lays down lyrics made of pure fire. "Steamrolling brothas like an eighteen wheeler with the drunk driva drivin, there's no survivin"
  3. "Kick In The Door" from "Life After Death" (1997) by the Notorious B.I.G. Any best of list pertaining to Hip Hop has to have an entry about the Notorious B.I.G. His verses on "Kick In The Door" are so smooth. You'll think he's talking until you hear the words rhyming. "Your reign on the top is short like leprechauns, as I crush so called willies, thugs, and rapper dons"
  4. "Rabbit Run" from "The 8 Mile Soundtrack" (2002) by Eminem. Eminem is another one of those guys that can flow so fluidly that it seems as if he's just talking to you normally. Why "Rabbit Run" of all songs? "Some days I just wanna up and call it quits. My life is like one great big ball of s@#t"
  5. "Ether" from "Stillmatic" (2001) by Nas. Nas murders the track with his lyrical razor blades on this one. The much publicized beef with Jay-z awakened the lyrical monster inside of Nas. Though this verse came later in his career, it's definitely one of his most potent, scathing verses ever to be directed at a fellow rapper. I heard it in my sleep that Gay-Z and Cockafeller records wanted beef"
  6. "22 Twos" from "Reasonable Doubt" (1996) by Jay-Z. Jay-Z is a monster in that pretty much every verse he spits is like a bomb. With that being said, it's incredibly difficult to choose one of his best. But, check out "22 Twos" on his "Reasonable Doubt" album. "Minds stay petty, mines thinking longevity until I'm seventy".  
  7. "Twinz (Deep Cover)" from "Capital Punishment" (1999) by Big Punisher. All the Hip Hop heads know what this song is about. Big Punisher ran through the track like Devin Hester on a punt return. Not only did he deliver one of the greatest verses of all time, but Big Punisher should be considered one of the best rappers to ever touch a microphone as well. "Dead in the middle of little Italy…"
  8. "Holla If Ya Hear Me" from "Strictly 4 My Niggaz"(1993) by 2Pac. 2Pac was not as lyrically inclined as the rest of these guys on the list. But, what he could do better than anyone, was to invoke feelings into the hearts of his listeners. If Pac was mad, you'd be mad after listening to him. If he spit a revolutionary verse, you' want to become a fighter against civil injustice. "Holla If You Hear Me", is perfectly representative of the type of rapper he was. It has easily some of the coolest rap lyrics ever to reach a set of speakers. "From block to block I'm snatchin hearts and jackin marks"
  9. "K.I.M." from "Back in Business" (1997) by EPMD. In other words, keep it moving. And that's exactly what Keith Murray does on this EPMD track. His verse hits harder than the hammer of a 357. "Money folder, emcee overthrower, I flow wit ya two at a time like Noah."
  10. "Follow The Leader" from "Follow The Leader" (1990) by Rakim. Enough said. "Self-esteem make me super superb and supreme But for a microphone still I fiend".  
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