10 Best Cop Action Movies

Police action films are one of the oldest and greatest film genres, which it is why it is important to learn about the ten best cop action movies. C'mon Riggs let's do this!

  1. "Rush Hour 2" This sequel to Brett Ratner's original "Rush Hour" stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker as a loveable team of buddy cops who attempt to squash a triad ring. It has everything: kung fu fights, hot women, jokes, and something that is key to every good cop action movie, Chris Tucker singing karaoke in a Hong Kong night club.
  2. "Lethal Weapon" Considered the father of the buddy cop genre this film features a young and still crazy, but not quite crazy as he is now, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as Murtough and Riggs. This film was followed by 3 sequels that were okay but could never live up to the original. It has Gary Busey as a villain. Gary Busey!
  3. "Tango and Cash" A hidden gem of cop action films, not a lot of people know about this Stallone/Russell film from the late 80's but they really should. Stallone actually plays the uptight one and even wears a suit for the majority of the film. No joke.
  4. "In the Heat of the Night" If "Lethal Weapon" is the father of buddy cop movies then this is the grandfather. Set in the south in the 1960's this film is not only full of police action but also really speaks to the treatment of African Americans in the south and the institutionalism of racism. And Sidney Poitier kicks some serious racist butt. This film is definitely worth checking out.
  5. "48 Hours" Another buddy cop classic this film came out right as Eddie Murphy was reaching stardom and features a younger and less concrete slab looking Nick Nolte. Also it has numbers in the title which everyone knows means it will be an amazing cop action movie.
  6. "Hard Boiled" This Hong Kong police action film by John Woo features more explosions, gunshots, and babies (seriously) than any other cop action movie out there. Also Chow Yun-Fat's character is named Tequila. How awesome is that?
  7. "Robocop" This true diamond of the 1980's fully delivers on its tagline of "Half Man. Half Machine. All Cop" If you want to be blown away by action and slightly disgusted by the amount of sheer violence then this is the cop film for you. Fun fact: the director made this movie as an allegory for Jesus's resurrection in the Bible.
  8. "Die Hard" McClane! This movie skyrocketed Bruce Willis's career and successfully made people not trust German businessmen ever again. If you are ever trapped in a building and being held hostage by German terrorists, you want Bruce Willis to come and rescue you. But just make sure he doesn't bring along Justin Long from the awful "Live Free or Die Hard"
  9. "Point Break" Surfing bank robbers? Check. Keanu Reeves and Val Kilmer? Check. Awesome skydiving fight sequence that occurs in mid-air? Check. Yep this movie pretty much has everything and it was even directed by academy award winning director Kathryn Bigelow, proving that men are not the only ones who can direct amazing police action films.
  10. "Bad Boys 2" Words cannot describe how awesome this movie is. Directed by Michael Bay this features Martin Lawrence and Will Smith both at their height and even includes an action sequence where the bad guys are throwing cars at Will and Martin. Throwing cars! It doesn't get more action packed than that.
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