10 Best Cop Movies

The best cop movies thrill audiences with witty one-liners, fast-paced action sequences, and villainous outlaws. It’s a movie genre custom made for guys, so after you clock out of your nine-to-five, play a round of cops and robbers by renting one of these great badge and bullet flicks.

  1. “The Departed.” Take dirty detectives and undercover cops, throw in Jack Nicholson as a bad-ass bad guy and you have one great cop movie. Martin Scorsese finally took home the Oscar for best director in 2007 for this one. The movie won best picture too.
  2. “Dirty Harry.” Yeah we do feel lucky. Clint Eastwood thank you for giving us 102 minutes of action packed joy as Police Inspector Harry Callahan.
  3. “Die Hard.” Uh, duh.
  4. “Hot Fuzz.” Cop comedies represent! Simon Pegg stars as a British officer stationed in a small town that isn’t what it seems. This self-aware satire from the folks that brought us “Shaun of the Dead” more than deserves a spot on the list of the best cop movies.
  5. “Serpico.” Al Pacino stars as an honest cop with his back against the wall. Made in 1973 this film still resonates with old and new school movie lovers… but we had you at Pacino didn’t we?
  6. “Lethal Weapon.” Okay so it’s kind of a cliché now but this flick basically invented the buddy cop genre. Go back and watch the final fight scene between baddie Mr. Joshua (Gary Bussey) and Sgt. Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) and you’ll remember why everyone feel in love with this cop movie so many years ago.
  7. “Beverly Hills Cop.” Let’s set a couple things straight. Yes Eddie Murphy used to make movies for adults and yes some of them were good.
  8. “The French Connection.” Realistic car chases are just more fun than the computer generated pyrotechnic marvels of modern movies. This 1971 flick is a considered a classic, and one of the best cop movies, for good reasons.
  9. “The Fugitive.” Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones go head-to-head as an escaped prisoner and the detective on the case. This television show adaptation is fast-paced, exciting, and well acted, one of the best cop movies.
  10. “Seven.” Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman star as two cops on different ends of their career trying to hunt down a sick serial killer obsessed with the seven deadly sins. It’s twisted, haunting, and downright good.
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