10 Best Corny Pickup Lines

The 10 best corny pickup lines of all time are here! Everybody knows all the corny pick-up up lines that probably landed you a date or two or at least a smile.  Well, the ones below are the best ones. They are funny and hard to ignore.  Some of the lines have bee used in sitcoms…and some are even still used today.  Women just need to face the fact that these 10 pickup lines below will never completely disappear.  Hey, every man had to start from somewhere. 

  1. "Your feet must hurt, because you been running through my mind all day."  This line was commonly used by Will Smith in the television sitcom "The Fresh Prince of Bellaire." 
  2. "You must be from Tennessee, because you're the only 10 I see." Talk about being creative with words, this one is unique, but kind of clever.
  3. Guy: "Hello, how are you?"  Girl: "Fine."  Guy: "I know you are." Cheesy, but just charming enough to squeak onto a best-of list.
  4. "I think heaven's missing an angel." This one's short and sweet.  After telling a girl this, she has no choice but to smile.
  5. "You must be from another planet, because baby you're out of this world."  This one is rare and probably the corniest of them all.  Come on, from another planet? This may even border on offensive to some.
  6. "You must be a parking ticket, because you got FINE written all over you." Every one loves this one. We wouldn't put it past a cop or two to use this one on someone.  I think it would be rather funny.
  7.  "I lost my number, can I have yours?" Nine times out of ten, the person telling this line will not get a number, but probably a chuckle. This one never works.
  8. "This must be love at first sight." She knows it's untrue, but she may feel nice that the guy acknowledges her beauty.
  9. "God must have spent extra time when he made you." Telling a woman this could make her feel special, it's sweet but still corny.
  10. "Girl, you look good enough to eat." This one could be kind of offensive depending on how the woman perceives it.  We're sure someone out there has gotten a couple of slaps for this one.
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