10 Best Country Albums Of The ’90s

The best country music albums of the '90s still hold records today. These albums have the sales and basis of classic country music to go down in music history as the best country albums of all time. The twang of the steel guitars, the phenomenal vocals and lyrics make these albums the best country albums of the '90s.

  1. "No Fences" The sophomore album by Garth Brooks was released in August 2009 and took the country music scene by storm. The album was a cross over hit into mainstream music for Brooks. The album hit number three on the Billboard Music Charts and number one on the Billboard Top Country Music Charts. "The Thunder Rolls," "Unanswered Prayers" and "Friends in Low Places" are just three hits to come from this album.
  2. "Come On Over" The third album by Canadian country music songstress Shania Twain was released in November 1997. The album is considered to be the top selling country music album of all time and is considered a blockbuster hit. The album debuted on Billboard Top 200 Songs at number two. Of the sixteen songs on the album, Twain released twelve singles, which all became hits.
  3. "The Woman in Me" The sophomore album from Shania Twain that produced eight hit singles. It was released in 1995 and won the Best Country Album of the Year Award in 1996. Produced by Twain's husband, Robert "Mutt" Lange, the album set the course for Twain to become a country music star. The album sold twelve million copies in the United States and over fifteen million worldwide.
  4. "I Still Believe in You" Released in 1992 by country music icon Vince Gill, the album's first hit single was the album's name. The album is considered a country music classic with Gill's soft vocals. The album received Country Music Awards' Album of the Year in 1993, making it one of the best country music albums of the 1990s.
  5. "Don't Rock the Jukebox" This Alan Jackson album is referred to as the one that made him a country music star. It's the singer-songwriter's second album and he had five top ten hit singles released after its release in 1991. Jackson's style on this top country music album has a classic honky-tonk beat that country music fans love.
  6. "Love Can Build a Bridge" This 1990 country music album was released by mother/daughter duo, Winona and Naomi Judd, also known as The Judds. The title track song was the main hit single from the country music album and aided The Judds into country music stardom. In mid-1991, the album hit the top five on the country music billboard.
  7. "Ropin' the Wind" Country music icon Garth Brooks released his third album in 1991 and fans were ecstatic. The album charted at number one on both the billboard charts and the country music charts the first week of its release. The album produced five hit singles and is considered one of country music best albums of the 1990s.
  8. "Not a Moment Too Soon" Released in March 1992 by Tim McGraw, the album hit number one on both the Billboard Charts and the Country Music Billboard Charts. His sophomore album produced five hit singles. The range of McGraw's music talent can be heard from the rowdy hit song "Indian Outlaw" to the softer side of "Don't Take the Girl."
  9. "Some Gave All" The debut album from country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus had four hits, including the title track and the breakthrough single "Achy Breaky Heart." The latter of the two songs caused a dance craze throughout the world with line dancing. The album became a mainstream best seller for Cyrus. While some criticized the album, it became one of the best country albums of the 1990s.
  10. "It's Your Call" Released in December 1992 by Reba McEntire, "It's Your Call" is the nineteenth album for the country music singer. While the album only had three hit singles, it remains as one of the best selling country albums of the 1990s. One hit single, "The Heart Won't Lie," was a duet with fellow country music singer Vince Gill.
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