10 Best Country Bars In Dallas

It is obvious that Dallas should have an over abundance of country bars as can be seen with this list of the ten best country bars in Dallas. While finding one may be easy, take the time to read up on the top 10 best country bars in Dallas, Texas to ensure a great time.

  1. The Amsterdam Bar. This fun county bar is great for live music, good eats and fun patrons. Have an evening to remember with your pals or significant other while you save money and have a blast. The Amsterdam bar is located at 831 Exposition Ave, # C, Dallas, Texas 75226 or call: (214) 827-3433.
  2. The Libertine Bar. For sports nights, the Libertine Bar is the place to be. Great food and equally attractive deals make this country bar a hot spot for tourists and natives alike. Libertine can be found at: 2101 Greenville Ave. Dallas, Texas 75206 or call: (214) 824-7900.
  3. The Mining Company. It may be a bit hard to find and a little off of the beaten path, but people seem to love the Mining Company after they have been there once. With interesting events and friendly staff, the Mining Company is a fun change in a sea of country bars in Dallas. They are located at 3903 Cedar Springs Rd. Dallas, Texas 75219 or call (214) 521-4205.
  4. The Double Wide Bar. Quaint, yet different, the Double Wide Bar is a nice place to have a cold drink, great meals and relax with friends. Take the time to stop and enjoy something off of the menu and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. The Double Wide Bar is located at 3510 Commerce St. Dallas, Texas 75226 or call (214) 887-6510.
  5. Round Up Saloon. There are so many things to see and to do at the Round Up Saloon that you may not want to go! Patrons have a very large selection of things to do, food to eat and people to see. Everyone seems to be more than happy to be there. The Round Up Saloon is at 3912 Cedar Springs Rd. Dallas, Texas 75219 or call (214) 522-9611.
  6. Sons of Hermann Hall. Around since 1911, The Sons Of Hermann Hall has a ton of entertainment to offer. With many different types of music and events, it is a great place to set out for or end up at. The food is great, the prices are cheap and the brew is cold. The Sons Of Hermann Hall is located at 3414 Elm St. Dallas, Texas 75226 or call (214) 747-4422.
  7. Adair's Saloon. While the bathrooms may be a little scary, the atmosphere is worth it. The food is good, the prices are low and the fun is limitless. There are some serious deals on food and drinks offered from early in the day until late at night almost everyday. Adair's Saloon is located at 2624 Commerce St. Dallas, Texas 75226 or call (214) 939-9900.
  8. Ships Lounge. This is truly a dive bar, but it is a great one. The prices are super cheap and the food is good. Deals on drinks are worth cruising over to Ships Lounge and the entertaining atmosphere will keep you there. Ships Lounge is located at 1613 Greenville Ave. Dallas, Texas 75206 or call (214) 823-0418.
  9. Cowboys Red River. While happy hour is not on the menu, the great music and party scene will steal you up and keep you on the floor. With a fully stocked bar, Cowboys Red River is a great choice for a boring weekend or even sprucing up the end of the week. Cowboys Red River is located at 10310 Technology Blvd E. Dallas, Texas 75220 or call (214) 352-1796.
  10. Reno's Chop Shop Saloon. Friendly bartenders make Reno's a really nice place to be, but the food and drinks make it even better. Most people who visit Reno's say that the atmosphere is very friendly and the deals make it worth future visits. Reno's Chop Shop Saloon is located at 210 N Crowdus St. Dallas, Texas 75226 or call (214) 742-7366.
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