10 Best Country Break Up Songs

Country songs are known for telling some sad stories, so here are the 10 best country breakup songs from the past several years. If you’ve ever lost a love, you are sure to relate to one or more of these songs. You may have your own breakup song selections to add to this list.

  1. “Do You Want Fries With That?” by Tim McGraw This breakup song is about a guy working in a fast food restaurant as a second job to pay for his ex-wife and kids. Her new lover comes through the line and is sporting everything that used to be his. After he basically tells him off, he asks him, “Do you want fries with that?"
  2. “Nothing but the Taillights” by Clint Black This country breakup song is about a guy whose girlfriend breaks up with him and drops him off on the highway. All he can see are the taillights heading down the highway, leaving him stranded trying to hitch a ride.
  3. “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood Carrie does a great job showing how vengeful a woman can be when she finds her man cheating on her. She did a bang up job keying her boyfriend’s car, flattening his tires, carving her name in his leather seats and smashing out the headlights. She felt like this would make him think twice before he cheated again.
  4. “Better Man, Better Off” by Tracy Lawrence This guy realizes that his girlfriend doesn’t love him and he knows he needs to walk away. He knows that once the memories fade, he will be a better man and better off.
  5. “Anymore” by Travis Tritt This breakup song basically is about a guy who has tried to be strong by saying that he doesn’t love his girlfriend anymore. He finally admits that he is full of pain and tired of trying to deny he still loves her. He knows if he doesn’t admit it, he will never be able to get on with his life.
  6. “Every Light in the House” by Trace Atkins When his girlfriend left him, this guy told her that he would leave the lights on in the house in case she ever wanted to come back home. He told her if she ever saw the lights go off one-by-one, she would know that he was finally beginning to forget her.
  7. “Goodbye Says it All” by Blackhawk This breakup song is about a guy who finally cheated one time too many. When he got home, still trying to think up an excuse for coming in late, he discovers his girlfriend has left and taken everything. She did leave a big message on the wall in lipstick that said “Goodbye,” which to him said it all.
  8. “Here’s a Quarter, Call Someone That Cares” by Travis Tritt This guy had a girlfriend that left him and wants to come back. He lets her know that she had better find someone else to feed her lies to. He offers her a quarter to call someone who gives a damn.
  9. “I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton This is such a sad breakup love song. The girl sends the man away while still loving him. She tells him she will always love him, but she knows that she is not good for him and will just be in the way of his becoming successful. Both Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston make this song a real tearjerker.
  10. “I Want to Cry Tonight” by Keith Urban This guy feels that crying shows weakness and he has always tried to be strong. But this night, surrounded by memories, he doesn’t care about being strong. All he wants to do is get drunk enough to cry.
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