10 Best Country Breakup Songs

The 10 best country breakup songs entertain and soothe broken hearts. Sometimes, these songs make light of breakups, which can be the perfect medicine after a breakup.

  1. "Amarillo By Morning." In this song, George Strait’s melodious voice soothes without being sappy. Telling the tale of what can happen when dedication overwhelms other parts of a life, this song is one of the best country breakup songs of all time.
  2. "It Matters to Me." In this country breakup, song Faith Hill shares the pain when one person alone feels the pain of a tumultuous relationship. This is a great song for anyone who has ever wondered how their ex-partner could be so cruel.
  3. "Easy Come, Easy Go." Some relationships just must end, and sometimes, that’s not terrible. Sad, yes, but not terrible. George Strait's melodious voice makes this song one of the best country breakup songs.
  4. "Bring on the Rain." JoDee Messina’s voice shares the pain of needing to give into grief after a breakup. The song demonstrates how sadness sometimes cannot be avoided. “Bring on the Rain” is one a great breakup song.
  5. "The Dance." This Garth Brook’s song shares the recognition that sometimes the relationship was worth the pain of it ending. For anyone who has ever realized that the experience made the breakup worthwhile, this is a fabulous country breakup song.
  6. "How Do I Live." LeAnn Rimes doesn’t hesitate to show her vocal skills in this song. Here, she asks for guidance on how to survive a breakup, something everyone has wanted at one time or another. “How Do I Live” is one of the best country breakup songs of all time.  
  7. "Let Me Let Go." In this breakup song, Faith Hill covers what it means when one partner cannot seem to move on from the relationship. Hill's soothing voice shares the desire to be free, but the worry over what that freedom means. “Let Me Let Go” is an excellent song for breakups.
  8. "Please Remember Me." This breakup song discusses the feeling of wanting an ex-spouse to remember you after a relationship. Tim McGraw’s deep voice makes the lyrics all the more poignant.
  9. "I Fall to Pieces." Remaining friends with an ex is difficult, and sometimes impossible. Patsy Cline’s song is one that many listeners can relate to, making it one of the best breakup songs.
  10. "She Used to be Mine." In this country song, Brooks & Dunn discuss what it feels like to see an ex-lover after they’ve moved on. The song’s perfect depiction of the pain felt by many individuals makes it one of the best country breakup songs.
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